Our March Newsletter

Welcome Spring

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Unprecedented Times

It is undoubtedly an uncertain time right now for all of us. COVID-19 has been the focus of all of our thoughts and actions. Whether your a doctor, an educator, a homemaker, a clerk, or a barista; every person is affected in some way or another. These are going to be some tough times and it will be hard to be patient. It will be hard to be calm. It will be hard to adapt to the change in our everyday lives.

When I go through struggles, I always remind myself that my most important role is being a parent. Through these times, I am reminded that my son will be looking to me and at me for guidance. Children are always watching us, more than they are listening to us. In these struggles, I hope to show him how to be calm, patient, and resilient during tough times.

I wish each and everyone good health and proud moments during these unprecedented times.

Attendance during closure

During the closing of schools, all preschool students will be marked in attendance. For the most part, preschool students will not be doing virtual learning therefore we will account for all students being in attendance.

However, if your child is sick, we are asking you to keep us informed so we can continue to track symptoms of illnesses.

If your child is sick, please call:

For English speakers:



For Spanish speakers:



Important Link for Everyone:

Please check out the MSD email on Virtual Learning Hub as there is important information on free and reduced lunch and reporting absences:


Continuation of Learning during Closure:

  • Preschool students will be using the activity calendar, which provides a range of learning experiences for preschool students. A hard copy was placed in your student’s backpack on Friday, March 13th, and can be accessed on our website.

  • Read daily to your child. This is the best way to continue learning and expand on all areas of development including language, cognitive, and academic concepts.

Engaged in the Tree Study

Fireman Phil visited for the culminating activity during our Clothes Study. Students had fun learning as Fireman Phil dressed in full gear to show us why each piece of clothing and equipment he wears helps him do his job. Thank you!

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