Jacques Torres

by Emma Lusby


Jacques Torres is an extraordinary chef specializing in delicate pastries, mainly focusing on chocolate. He completed a two year apprenticeship at a small pastry shop in his hometown, then went on to pursue his Master Pastry Chef Degree after three years of school. He began teaching Pastry Arts in culinary school while working. His pastries have a French background since that is where he lived until moving to New York to work in a restaurant. There he made pastries for many celebrities and other famous people. He then pursued his own chocolate Factory that specialized in fresh, hand-made chocolates without artificial flavors and preservatives, in Brooklyn, NY. He is famous for many chocolate recipes including chocolate lollipops, chocolate corn flakes, and chocolate caramel popcorn. He now stars in his on show on Food Network, Chocolate with Jacques Torres. Torres reached beyond television by authoring his own book and co-authoring two others. He also opened an ice cream shop next to his original chocolate factory.

“Life is short. Eat dessert first. ”