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Recreation and Entertainment

North Dakotans enjoy many celebrations, such as the international peace garden, or the international powwow. Native Americans from North Dakota enjoy creations and crafts.There are jobs in North Dakota that are popular, such as a cattle worker, a farmer, or a shop keeper. There are not a lot of citizens from North Dakota that sell products. Only about 20,000 people sell things. This is a small portion of their total population.
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Before North Dakota was even part of the United States, trycaratops roamed North Dakota. Later Lewis and Clark were on an expedition on this land. There were helped by Sacagewea. Even later, 70,000 North Dakotan people served in World War II. On November 2nd, 1889 North Dakota became the 39th state. After this they created their own university! It was called North Dakota University. Eventually ranching began. Then oil was discovered. North Dakotas population rose to 619,636. In the 2,000s a flood hit North Dakota.

Landforms and Geography

My partner and i are going to be sharing landforms and geography information about North Dakota. North Dakota is shaped like a rectangle. It has mostly hills and flatlands on the land. North Dakotas main river is the Missouri river. Devils lake is one of North Dakotas largest lakes. Native Americans arrived on North Dakota 12,000 years ago! Pierre Verend Rye was the North central. Bismark was founded in 1872.
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Fun facts

Did you know North Dakota was named after an Indian? If you think that"s cool, listen to some other fun facts! Dakota means friend or ally. North Dakota produces more honey than any other state! Lewis and Clark spent more time in North Dakota than any other state! Its illegal to take a nap with shoes in North Dakota. Isn't that crazy? The unemployment is 3.2%, that is really good because that means that a lot of people have jobs!
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60-Second Tour: Medora, North Dakota