Jordan's News Update

Kimberly McAllister

Facts about Jordan

Jordan is located in the Middle East and North West of Saudi Arabia and is between Israel and Iraq. Jordan s mostly arid desert and has some rainy seasons. Jordan has mostly desert plateau which is in the highland area in the Great Rift Valley which separates eastern and western banks of the the Jordan River. Jordan was discovered in 1946.

Two facts about Jordan:

1. Jordan's Independence Day s May 25.

2. Their time is 7 hours ahead of the United States.

Two terms and three questions.


Farmers in Egypt who live in villages. They work on small plots of land. They rent these small plots of land, so they have a place to work, from landowners. The world needs these so we can make stuff or even build a house to live in this world.
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Settlement in Israel where the people share property and produc goods. They need to produce goods so they can live longer. They need to shar property so they can have more for the other people that might move there.
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Three facts about the Suez Canal

1. It's a human made waterway.

2. Separates the Sinai Peninsula from the rest of Egypt.

3. It's one of the world's most important waterways.

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Three facts about the Sahara Desert

1. It's the largest desert in the world.

2. About the size of the United States.

3. Stretches across Egypt westward.

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What are Berbers?

Berbers are the first people known to live in North Africa. The forms of Berber artistic expression, at least in the modern period, are primarily linked to utilitarian objects,pottery, weaving, and architecture,and to jewelry.
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