The Endangered Polar Bears

Aleeya Consul

Exploring Geography Assignment

(The main picture)
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What is Where?

(Insert an image of a Map Location)

The Map of Alaska

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(Write a description of what is happening where. Identify and explain the patterns and trends occurring in this issue.)

When I look at the main photo, I know that it was taken in the Arctic circle because that's where Polar Bears live, so I'm guessing that this photo could be taken in Alaska and that is why I have a map of Alaska above. When I go into detail on what is happening in the photo, I see that there is a Polar Bear by its lonesome on a single ice slate. I can see that there are very little ice plates, which is actually very bad for the Polar Bears habitat. In the Arctic circle part of Alaska there water should usually be more filled up with ice slates for the Polar Bears to walk on, because they are not the best swimmers. It also seems like since the Polar Bear is by itself then either his/her family have been separated or have died from the polluted disaster of Global Warming. Because of Global Warming, Polar Bears are becoming extinct which is melting the ice, like what is displayed in the main photo. In conclusion, Polar Bears have evolved for a life on the sea ice, which they rely on to catch their seal prey, and because of this Polar Bears are dying off each year.

(Insert a Graph/statistic image)

Shows data on how many polar bears there are, and the population trend in the Arctic circle.

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Why There?

(Insert an image that represents the spatial significance)

Shows the Spatial Significance of which part of Alaska, Polar Bears live in and why they live there.

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(Using the concepts of spatial significance and interrelationships explain why there? Why does this topic take place in the location that it does? Who is involved in the topic? What are the various opinions on the issues)

The photo that I have chosen for the spatial significance, shows me why first of all Polar Bears live in Alaska. The reason for it is because Polar Bears were built for the cold and built for walking on ice and have a little bit of swimming expertise to catch there main source of food seals which also live in the area of the Arctic circle. A main question to be asked for Why there, is Why does this topic take place in the location it does? Well, the topic mainly here is why is Global Warming affecting the Polar Bear's habitat, and this is because the pollution in the world affects all parts of the world, and the climate is being affected which is killing the place where the Polar Bears were first introduced (it's there home). It is not just the Polar Bears that are affected in this, humans are as well because if the Polar Bears die off it can effect the food chain and kill off other animals as well. We are not only connected with the Polar Bears, but we are also affected by Global Warming as well, it is creating pollution and destroying our fresh air and water which is not good for the world and the living which means that one day the world will die off with all the humans and animals, if Global Warming is continued.

(Insert an image to represent why there (interrelationships))

Shows the interrelationships on how Global Warming effects both animals and people.

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Why Care?

(Explain why we should care about the issue? Why does this particular issue deserve attention focus.)

We should care about this issue because it'll affect all living things and the things that are needed such as the necessities like fresh oxygen and water. Also like i said before, if the Polar Bears die off and any other endangered species affected by Global Warming, it'll set off a uneven balance to the food chain and it wont run as smoothly as it's supposed to be and will affect the other animals and humans. Global Warming is a big problem in the world, in some countries they need to wear face masks because of it, the air isn't just as clean and is unhealthy for your development. Global Warming is caused from car pollution, littering, not putting your waste into the right disposal, wasting water, industry factories that produce a lot of gas smoke etc. and its mainly our faults, and some people just don't care. People think that Global Warming won't affect us in ages but that's wrong, because we all need clean water and oxygen, I mean it already started in countries in Africa, they are having problems with clean water, because they have none and they barely can get any because of the poor wealth of there country. This Global Warming climate also affects agriculture as well, and if we don't have the agriculture for food we wont survive and the animals wont either. So trying to bring back the population of Polar Bears, will actually help with Global Warming because that's a sign that we are taking care of the earth for us and future generations.