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October 18, 2016

Nelson Newsletter

Please click on this link if you would like to see the newsletter that was sent to parents:

Staff Development

We will have faculty meetings on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month. Cancellations will be communicated through Team Leaders and emails.

Assessment Literacy

Our focus this year is on Feedback.

During our faculty meeting, on October 13, Whitney Gohlke challenged the staff to use the Prediction of Progress process with a student during your intervention time. Please let us know how this worked out if you decide to try it...

Prediction of Progress Description:

This is a tool to help narrow the focus of needs for the student(s) so that the final outcome goals can be met. The title of this tool is just that, predicting the progress that your student/students will make.

Points to consider in planning your instruction to provide the final outcome of success:

· At the end of the lesson series (ex. six weeks) he/she will need to know how to do this/that in order to…

· In the next few weeks he/she will need to know how to…

· Extra work will be needed on…

· I will need to pay special attention to…

Note…each lesson/week you may need to adjust your predictions as new strengths and weaknesses emerge.

HOT Topics

More information is soon to come.


Our goal for is to focus on one Domain per walk through. We recognize that you desire specific feedback. So we are striving to do just that. Please be sure you respond to any questions that are left in the comments section.

This is a friendly reminder that you may or may not receive a check in each box listed on the walk through form due to the brevity of each walk through visit. We will continue to visit your rooms, hold face-to-face conferences, and use other forms of data collection to get a full picture of the awesome teaching that is happening on a day to day basis.

Other News

United Way Kick-Off

Our fabulous Jennifer Onstead is serving as our United Way representative this year. Here is a reminder from the email she sent on Friday, October 14th.

The 2016 workplace campaign will kick off on October 17th and run through October 28th. Dollars raised will help make a difference in the lives of children, families, veterans, seniors and other individuals right here in our own Denton County community.

Denton’s United Way campaign will give you an opportunity to give back to your community through a convenient payroll deduction. One important thing to remember is a payroll deduction is 10 pay periods for monthly employees and 12 pay periods for all other employees. You may also pledge a one-time donation.

Our goal for Nelson Elementary was $400.00 last year. I think we can beat that! Our goal this year is $500.00.

For more information, please watch the following United Way Video and open the attached United Way Power Point Presentation.

United Way forms will be placed in your boxes. Please return the completed form indicating your donation to Jennifer's box and you will receive a Jean’s Pass! Please make sure you include your Staff ID # on the form. If you do not wish to make a donation at this time, please return the blank form to my box. All donations must be received by October 28th.

Nelson Apparel For Sell

10 Year T-Shirts

Order forms are at the front desk with Tanya. Please turn in your information by October 28th. The money is not due, just your order.

Zipper Hoodies

Turn in your order forms and $29 to Marissa by October 24th. See the email from Marissa for the order forms.


Our laminator is fixed. We would like to keep it working well. So please be sure you are only sending paper through the laminator.

You will not be able to laminate the following: file folders, glitter, feathers, or anything else that is not paper. Please reference the sign above the laminator for more information

Brag Spot

Remind App

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