The Outsiders

BY: S.E.Hinton

The Outsiders book

In this book there are many conflicts or problems. Many people who have made reviews on this book have gave it very good reviews. I read this book and I couldn't stop reading it because of all of the details. I just finished this book about 2 months ago and I keep reading it over and over again. I CAN'T GET MY HANDS OFF OF IT!

Ponyboy Curtis as the main character

Ponyboy Curtis is the main character of the book in the book he starts off to be trustworthy and independent. As the book goes on though he stars to get less independent and starts to trust everyone.


"In a book now considered a classic, Ponyboy can count only on his friends when it comes to mixing it up with the Socs, a gang of rich kids who like nothing better than beating up on greasers like himself.

This is a link from teens that like the book just like I did and couldn't put it down.

Bio of the book

title-The outsiders

author-S.E Hinton

copy right date-1967

genre- Realistic Fiction

(I got my proof for my genre with google ebooks)