Middle Adulthood

Kyle Chandler

Techniques to reduce stress in middle adulthood

exercising daily can reduce stress and keep a healthy relationship. nurturing a child. talking to someone can help reduce stress. getting out all your emotions can help reduce stress.

Health factors

age 35-64. grey hair, wrinkles, need for reading glasses, loss in hearing. inside the body during middle adulthood is major organs begin to decline such as the lungs, heart, and digestive system. some women go through menopause during this time. heart disease and cancer are the two major causes of death during this time.

health and wellness

in middle adulthood things start to go down in health wise. more risks in diseases and organ failures. keeping up with your body and getting the exercise needed and eating a good diet can help keep stable health.

supportive agencies and resources

supportive agencies in middle adulthood is loved ones that are in contact. children and spouse are supportive. people at work. doctors.
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