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Literacy has referred to the ability to access and analyze evaluate and create media. Media literacy is for youth and its people who understand its better and able to list to the complex messages were they can receive from radio, internet, newspaper and books. Media can be anything like video game and book. Did you know that media literacy education comes from a media justice framework? Facebook and Myspace will be a good example of media literacy because someone came up with Facebook and Myspace that everyone loved being on.

budweiser-puppy love- best buds

puppy love

Budweiser super bowl commercial ( 2014) the Budweiser puppy love commercial was for all the beer drinkers to me which I really don’t understand why the puppy had anything to do with beer I didn’t too much get that but usually their commercials are about beer being a man’s best friend. But I still kind of got the concept of everything they were trying to put together which made it an okay commercial really just because it was really cute and sassy.

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"
Budweiser Clydesdale Puppy Love Super Bowl 2014 Commercial


i think its not a very pleasent sight with oceanina ending. its still kids out here starving and no place to go. some have to drink out of dirty rivers that they have to wash clothes in and sometime even wash their body in. which is so cruel! especially for the little kids because they didnt get to experience anything that everyone else get to experience which is sad. its alot of people that try to give back but its just like what else are you doing about it besides giving back to people. the world need to know about things thats goin on in other countrys and other parts of the world. so i really dont think oceanina should end.

Powerful Spoken Word Of The Week: The World Is Coming To An End!

media litercay

Media literacy is about youth and adults who analyze, evaluate, and create messages in a wide variety of media modes, genres, and formats.

To me the most important thing I learned is when I’m reading something I should always annotate and analyze things I read them because that make me get the text and the meaning of it so much easier than just reading something and not understanding what I just wrote so as me learning that technique I always annotate and analyze things when I’m reading it I would never had known it would make things so much easier for me to just do things that way.

I think most of the things that I’m taking away from this class when I leave would most definitely be the annotations and the way I speak that also helped me a lot in this class or saying big words and actually knowing the meaning to them which is a good thing to me because it’s not always good to stick to your own little slang in the way you speak I learned its okay to enlarge it.

I was say this class is WAY more different from the other language arts classes I took just because I’m older now and I get more things now and a lot of my old language arts teachers was more like here’s the work now do it I never knew that you should annotate something when you don’t get it. I was just taught to read and do the worksheet so this course has made me improve a lot.

As I think back in these last 4years a class that had the most impact on me was math because i think it’s some stuff in math that people should really know and especially language arts even though its simple stuff it’s always good you should know things other than what you see on the internet and what you do on your phone.

To be honest I don’t think I would do anything different and I do recommend that a lot of students get to have Mrs.Hicks because she is an awesome teacher she doesn’t just let you give up she actually works with you and tries to help you which I appreciated a lot.