Eden Kelly

By:Caiden Ecker

A great story? amazing facts?Well that's all in a biography about Eden Kelly!She's an awesome student!The friendliest friend!Someone who's really smart too!
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Here's a funny story!Once when Eden was little she lived in a trailer park by her grandma.One day when her mom was in the shower she put on a coat,a high heel,a boot,a scarf,and a coat and went over to her grandma's house.Then when her mom got out of the shower she freaked out!Silly Eden!
Here are some facts about Eden.She's famous for loving animals and never giving up.She lives in North Mankato MN and was born 7-20-04.She also has 6 siblings,Markasha-17,Kanesha-13,Brooklyn-10,Caiden-13,KiKi-4,Larry-7,a mom named Alicia and she has 2 dogs Papi and Princess
Here are some more facts.She likes to bike or walk with her 2 dogs Papi and Princess.She also babysits kids.
So this proves that Eden is a very kind and caring person.And a very fun person too.So that was my wonderful biography about Eden Kelly!