Pre-K Parent Press

Ms. Tracy & Ms. Natalie's Class

Pre-K Egg Hunt

Our PreK classes will hold a egg hunt on Friday, April 3rd. We are asking that each student send in 12 plastic eggs filled with preferably non edible items. The eggs do not need to be labeled. Here is a list of suggestions:

  • erasers
  • stickers
  • tattoos
  • character band aids
  • army men
  • toy cars
  • chap stick
  • bouncy balls
  • glow bracelets
  • magic grow capsules
  • wind up toys
  • hair accessories
  • play dough
  • rings
  • coins
  • whistles
  • slinky
  • plastic bugs or dinosaurs
  • balloons
  • tiny bubbles
  • silly bandz

Parent Volunteers

We need 8-10 parent volunteers to make this event a success! So far we only have 2 volunteers. Please email me at if you can attend!

Don't forget NEXT week is Teacher Appreciation Week

Monday, March 23 - Personal Note/Card Day - "Simple Words Mean The Most"

Children can bring in a special created card to give to their teacher. It's always fun to include a recent school photo, draw a picture or write out a poem.

Tuesday, March 24 - Flower Day - "Thank You For Helping Us Blossom"

Children can bring in ONE flower (or more). It can be bought, picked from the garden or handmade

Wednesday, March 25 - Luncheon Day and Wear Red Day - "Relax And Enjoy Lunch For All Your Hard Work"

Teacher's will be treated to an extra long Zoe's Kitchen Catered Lunch hosted by the PTO Teacher Appreciation Committee.

We are also asking the children to wear RED on this day to show their teachers they love them.

Thursday, March 26 - All Teachers Are Special Day- "Thank You To Our "OTHER" Teachers For The Many Different Ways You Help Us Succeed"

Children can bring in a sweet or salty treat, piece of fruit or homemade card for their Thursday Specials Teachers- Coach Maddock and Coach Miller, PLUS, for any of the following teachers they may see throughout the week for; Enrichment, EIP, ESOL, Speech, Special Ed, etc. Your Room Parent will let you know which special your class attends on Thursday.

Friday, March 27 - Sweet Treat/Snack Day - Because You Are The Sweet Apple Of Our Eye, We Are So Thankful For You!

Children can bring in their teachers favorite sweet treat or snack item or piece of fruit.

Teachers will also be treated to a Coffee Bar, Breakfast and Gift Card Raffle hosted by the PTO Teacher Appreciation Committee on this morning. Please look for volunteer information from your Room Parent so your teacher can enjoy a little breakfast treat time.

Ms. Natalie's birthday is April 10th!