Palais Du Luxembourg


  • The Palais De Luxembourg was originally built in the years 1615-1645.

  • It was built from the plans of architect Salomon de Brosse for the purpose of Marie de Médicis who was the mother of Louis XIII of France.

  • It was then remodeled into a Legislative building after the Revolution from 1799 to 1805 by the architect Jean Chalgrin.

  • Once again, it was remodeled from 1835 to 1856 by the architect Alphonse de Gisors.

  • It has been the seat of the French Senate in the Fifth Republic since 1958.

  • It is located in Paris, France and located in the 6th District on 15 rue de Vaugirard.

  • In 1946 the Palace was used for used for The Paris Peace conference

  • In the West wing were paintings by Peter Paul Rubens but, they were moved to the Louvre

  • Seven Statues face the Senate in the meeting room; Turgot, D'Aguesseau, L'Hôpital, Colbert, Molé, Malesherbes, and Portalis.

  • At one point it was renamed Palais D'Orléans when Marie gave the palace to her favorite son, Gaston.
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Jardin Du Luxembourg

  • You can take a guided tour of the garden. Tours usually start around 9:30.

  • Access to the Garden is free of charge.

  • The garden opens around 7:30 to 8:15 and closes around 4:30 to 9:30.

  • You can play Chess, Tennis, and Bridge or you can just relax and sit in the beauty of it all.

  • Children typically sail remote control boats for fun.

  • The park is about 224-500 square meters

  • The paths of the gardens are lined with statues of the Queens of France.

  • They even have a statue of Saint Genevieve, who is the Patron saint of Paris

  • In the southwest corner there is a puppet theater as well as several hundred species of apple and pear trees.

  • Nearby Luxembourg Garden is a student area known as the Latin Garden