Adult-ed program

Dominica Wilson


College is going to a new approach with more course offerings.At Tutwiler inmates in one dorm will have the privilege to tablets in something called a pilot program.Governor Bentley's announced the initiative at the ribbon for Tutwiler's E learning center 14 days ago."Tablets and technology could mark a sea change in inmate ed."Said Ingram state President Dasinger. The Ingram state bought 60 tablet for 25‚000 dollars from a company called Edovo. Edovo is a company that specializes in the learning devices for prisons.This price also includes adult ed course. Tutwiler opened Thursday. It included 7 desktop computers.

DOC's(Department of Corrections) Top Priority

"The commitment to technology for inmate ed fits with DOC's top priority"Said Jeff Dunn Department of Corrections Commissioner.He also said"Effective ed can be the key to reducing recidivism and that is really the goal". Jeff said the key to tablets can be widely available in jail is "figuring how to do it wisely.


Who? Jeff Dun, Gov. Bentley,Hank Dasinger, Chancellor Mark Heinrich,

What? Julia Tutwiler Prison is teaching adults education and the adults are getting tablets. Dasinger Says He hopes they will be able to provide tablets at every correctional facility across the state.

When? 14 days ago

Where? Alabama prisons

How:Training Course and Tablets

Summary: Alabama prisons have education courses. Daisinger hopes that they provide tablets at every correctional facility in the state.Me too.

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