Skills & Qualities

P3- Skills in the Police Force

Team Work- is a vital skill in the Police Force as no matter what part you work in Police you will if not all the time, but as some points have to work as a Team so you need to be good at it as if you cannot work as a team then you will not get anything done

Discipline- Discipline as a skill needed in the Police Force as you need to be disciplined to take orders as if you do not take orders you could put your life at risk and others whether its your co-workers or members of the public

Leadership- Leadership skills are very important in the Police Force as when working in a team you may have to lead your team in a operation e.t.c and so you need leadership skills to know which is best way of getting the job done as quick and safe as possible

P3- Qualities in the Police Force

Confidence- Confidence is a very good quality that is needed in the Police Force as you need to be confident in every field confident in your team working together, Confidence is also needed when speaking to the public as if you are not confident when speaking they may not believe you

Courage- you need to have Courage in the Police Force as public look to you to keep them safe and if you are in the situation that needs you to be courageous as you are there to protect the public and keep them from danger

Making Quick Decisions- is key in the Public Services as there may be times where people have been seriously injured so you must act fast and call an ambulance so that the person does not die, also there may come a time where you must make quick decisions so that you catch the guy you are looking for.