by: Angelina Diaz

Memories of a Boy Slodier: ISHMAEL BEACH

  • Ishmael and his 5 friends Junior, Talloi, Gibrilla, Khalilou, Kaloko experiences war at a ver young age (they are all different ages)
  • Him and his 5 friends love rap music & have their own group
  • Young, sweet boy who loves to be himself
  • Ishmael and his friends get captured many times but find a way to escape.

Historical Connections

An historical connection is WW2. For example the nazi's captured families that were jewish and forced them to go to concentration camps. In A Long Way Gone, the rebels force the kids to fight for them, they also kill families and many people just like inn WW2. All in all they both connect by killings and forcing civilians to do stuff that they do not want.


Crapes- sneakers

Sleepers- flip- flops


The story of A Long Way Gone usually takes place in his town called Mattru Jong. Of corse the rebals attack their town so they escape to many other towns. Like Kamator for exmple.


  • Ishmael has a coflict with himself because he is very scared and they now steal from kids and family just to stay alive which he thought he'd never do.
  • Ishmael also has a conflict with nature. Ishmael and his friends can never find any rabits or birds to catch and eat. So they must steal from families and kids with they'd never expect to do which is the self conflict.