Tech Tips Tuesday

Easy Cheats to Save Time and Stress


Mobymax is an online curriculum that allows you to assign lessons from standards to your students. Good news is that I have created class list for Hallquist, and Downes, so if your kiddos have them they already have an account. Sorry 8th grade teachers I haven't created them yet, no one has expressed interest (I guess my 28 8th graders have accounts). Check out the picture below so you can see all the different subjects they have to offer.
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Quick Timer

Did you know the omni box could be used as a timer if you're using Google Chrome? Omni Box (the fancy name for address bar) Just type timer for then set amount of time.

Also there are a few Google Extensions:

Also on Smart Notebook you can search times, and go to the interactive and multimedia button to put in where ever you'd like. I have started using them for warmups to hold me accountable to the time.

With my timers to start class and my Fitbit to end class I am a zillion times better about abiding by the bells.

Alarm to End Class

So I felt bad giving such a great tip out last week with the Fitbit to end classes without everyone having a Fitbit, so I did a little digging and found this extension.

When you add it it will come up as a clock but if you right click you can go to options where you can also set the bell reminders with cool sounds to alert you when your classes are almost up. I personally set mine at 2 minutes before the bell, but if your a Chromebook user maybe you want to do longer.

I can help you set this up, or set your Fitbit up. This also works for those of you that didn't have enough alarms available on Fitbit. (cough Costello cough)

Share to Classroom Extension

So I just found this and not sure how well it works but it is a Share to Google Classroom Extension. If you find something on the internet you love or want to get to your class quickly, you can push this button and it will bring up your class list and you can share it.