Physical fitness and good nutrition is an important aspect of staying healthy. Exercise helps many of the body’s systems to function normally and helps prevent diseases and infections (”Benefits of Physical Healthy”). Eating the right amount of variety of foods helps nourish the body (Elaine 7). It also makes you feel better about yourself and your overall appearance. When keeping your body healthy and nourished, it will help you get a good night’s sleep and lose weight overtime. Being a “couch potato” does only harm and no good, making it very hard to stay healthy. You should move around as much as you can because even going up the stairs benefits your health. Thus, when living a healthy life, exercise and nutrition is the way to go.


As important it is to exercise, it is just as beneficial to have a healthy diet. Exercise will help strengthen your heart so it can pump blood throughout the body (Rich 25). Make sure you include strengthening, flexibility, and cardiovascular in your daily fitness routine. Also, eating the right way will improve your body’s health and allow your body to function better. It is best to eat a well-balanced diet, following the food pyramid as a guide. No one can force you to exercise and eat healthy, but it is your choice that will impact the rest of your life. If you make the good decision, overtime you will see a progress you have created. It’s hard to eat well and look fit, but ask yourself, “is it worth the overall benefits you will be giving to your body?”


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