Prep 1 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Christmas Term: 30th- 4th December 2015

Dates for your Diary

Tuesday, December 8th - Moving on Up Day. This is an exciting transition day for the children as they will meet their new Prep 2 teacher!

Tuesday, December 8th - Christmas Pantomime (this activity is for students only)

Thursday, December 10th - Exit Point for 'Changes'. Students will be asked to come to school dressed in cold weather clothes (no need to go big - a simple scarf and hat will do!) - to find that the classroom has 'changed' seasons! We will watch 'The Snowman' and have popcorn. This is a fun exit point the children always enjoy - and it fits with the upcoming holidays perfectly!

Friday, December 11th - Last day of school. Classes dismiss at 11:20 am

A Week of Nativity Plays

It was another exciting week in the Prep 1 classes as the children performed in their nativity plays. This was the first year every student had a speaking role in the performances - and it was amazing to see how the children were able to learn these lines as well as so many musical numbers! They all sang beautifully and it was a wonderful start to the joyous season.
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Around the Classroom: Looking at 'Changes' in Art

This week in the classroom we continued our exploration of change by looking at 'Changes' in Art. We mixed colors in shaving cream and were amazed by the results! We looked at how the texture of crayon and oil pastel drawings changed when we put paint on top. This was a wonderful extension from our Science Day activities last week.

In Language Arts we recorded our findings of the color experiments in our Learning Journals and wrote about our wonderful experiences in the nativity plays. We also learned the diagraph /ue/ and worked on our Magic 100 words /big/ and /she/. Our Mathematics lessons centered around re-visiting patterns - specifically looking at patterns in our current festive surroundings. We made wonderful candy cane prints and holiday chains. We also had fun measuring our Christmas presents and counting down the days to the start of the holiday!