Dogs-Australian Shepard

Scientific name for a Australian shepherd-Aussie


color-black,red,black tricolor,red tricolor,red merle, merle

size height-20-24 inches(male)/18-21 inches(female)

weight-55-70 lbs (male)/35-55 lbs (female)

Fluffy-not very fluffy just long hair

role they play/service

Yes, they can be used as a service dog. the role they play is for hunting and farm work.


  • Grooming-needs brushed every day
  • Food/How much-They need three to four cups of dry food every day.
  • space- large amount of space like a large fenced in yard
  • health generally healthy dogs, but they can develop certain health problems, including hip dysplasia, various eye diseases, sensitivity to certain drugs, and epilepsy
  • exercise-lots of exercise, and usually used for hunting, and farm work
  • habitat needed- they can be in a cold and hot environment and needs large amounts of space.


friendly with others-very friendly with others

protective- yes, they love being around their owner