Drugs and Alcohol

by william


Drugs and alcohol can make you do things you would never do. Today you will learn about how drugs affect your mental health and you, why is alcohol bad, and some laws you should already know.

Drugs and your Mental health and you

Drugs will mess with the chemicals in your brain Which is considered " getting high". Which the drugs will take control of your brain and it make you do things you wish you did not do. Then there's the delightful point where you wake up and you don't know what just happened

why is alcohol bad

Alcohol can decrease chances of a heart attack but it can increase chances of stroke which is still bad. When you drink too much alcohol it takes over half of your drain and that is considered getting "drunk" and it makes you do things you wouldn't do. Alcohol gives you a disease that would stay with you until you limit your drinking habits it's called an alcoholic and that is something that will affect your health big time!.

laws against drugs and alcohol

As you know the law against drinking and driving and you must be 21 to buy and drink alcohol. If you are caught drunk in public you might spend the night in the nearest jail. Drugs are so illegal that if you are seen with drugs you will be arrested on the spot and delivered to the nearest jail.

I hope you use what you learned and never do drugs ever. And limit your consumption of alcohol. If you use what you learned you will do great in the future.

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