"Uniting to Better Know Our God"

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"Through Hard Work and Dedication, We Will Succeed"


  • We are an Indirect Democracy. This means we elect and vote on representatives. We believe it is the right of our people to vote and have a say. Our people can vote at the age of 20. If they have demonstrated a higher level in education and have been a hard worker, a waiver may be signed and they may be granted to vote at age 19.
  • The government is Unitary despite the diverse geography and land extremes of farming, forests, mountains and snowy areas. As a country, we felt having a central power in one spot would unite us better as a country. It has done the trick. The people are fairly peaceful and united with our single political party, Republican.
  • We also have a Parliamentary system. Our people like having the Executive and Legislative branches connected, so all issues can be dealt with at once. The people vote members onto the Parliamentary system. The parliamentary helps select the Prime Minister. Jessie Hilby has been appointed the Prime Minister and is currently assisting the country. Jessie helped found the country and has been an important leader since the beginning.
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Location and Geographical Significance

  • We are located off the coast of Alaska and Canada.
  • This location allows our natural resources to be natural gas, minerals such as, but not limited to: zinc, lead, coal and gold. We also have an abundant supply of oil, lumber, and seafood.
  • The US and Canada are allies along with China, Israel, and Great Britain. We almost all have democracies and similar beliefs. China is one of our allies because of trade and their huge population.
  • Our enemies include North Korea, Syria and Palestine. They have opposing beliefs to us, and hectic government.
  • Conflicts include North Korea, which is in poor shape with many others for its extreme dictatorship.
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Culture and Life

  • The main language is English, with some French. Many have the education that they are bilingual.
  • The Life Starts at Conception Act has been in affect, outlawing abortion (murder in the womb.) Adoption is an option.
  • We believe each individual has importance and deserves a chance at life. Many families have several children. We support and value children. "Behold, children are a gift from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward."
  • Major Cities
Blitzen- Blitzen is our capital. It is located in the center of our country. It has quite a few people. Blitzen's main goal is education. We support homeschooling and value learning at home. However, to home school, parents must take and pass a test which is briefly over a variety of subjects, to determine if they are in fact fit enough to give their kids the necessary education.

Tater- Tater Town is considered the fun town around here. It is located in the northeastern part of the country and receives many vacationers and visitors. It is an escape town for many who wish to rent cabins and experience the natural beauty of our country. This town is known for recreational hunting and fishing as well.

Spoticenter- Spoticenter is located in the southwestern part of the county and it is expected to be the largest city in our country, within the near future. This is where technology has taken over. We have a high production rate of technology and we have had major technological breakthroughs here.

  • With 2 million people, our country's population is smaller compared to others.
  • Farming with advanced technology is improving and has helped provide more food for families throughout our country. As a whole, our country is fairly wealthy.
  • Our main allies, US and Canada have signed a treaty with us and would provide help if we ever needed it.
  • Some conflicts are political. Establishing better health care is a huge goal. We want to help provide our hard workers with top notch health care at a cheaper price, instead of how we currently match the expenses nationally for health care.
  • We have military, which is mostly middle aged men with little in their lives. Unmarried men and women is most common. Training varies as they work all over, setting base camp in the mountains for great lengths of time.