2nd Virtual Meeting

Christina Miller

Technology and access

I was unable to attend the virtual meeting due to work schedule but I really enjoyed and was thankful that it was possible to record for later viewing. It was really helpful to be able to go back and still be able to see what was discussed.


Throughout watching the virtual session recording the major assignments became a lot more clear to me. I better understood what was expected of me on both of them and what I needed to do in order to complete them. I liked that you gave examples of other students' work and gave the grade they got. That really helped to be able to see exactly what each project should (or should not) look like when it is finished.


To improve the virtual sessions I think they should have more content. It was helpful but I think if someone maybe did not have any questions they most likely did not get much out of the sessions. Other than this, they are very good and helpful. I love that you incorporate them into the online course because it makes it easier to connect with the professor and other students. It is extremely useful to be able to get any questions answered that are too difficult to explain in an email or other message.