Unit 3 Infographic

By: Connor McGuire


It is the most common drug. From the plant known as cannabis. People call it pot, weed, grass, and harsh. When smoking this drug THC gets in your and gets into your heart from there it gets pumped into your bloodstream and up to your brain. It is both stimulant and depressant. Some states don't allow marijuana...like Texas.


Most addictive drug. Causes more health damage than any other drug. Adults smoke less than children under 18. When someone stops smoking they have strong cravings, irritability, and thoughts of smoking. Nicotine is stimulant. It is legal.

Don't do drugs

Don't do drugs because they can change your life forever. They can do horrible things to you emotionally and physically. Not doing drugs can help you stay away from non-communicable diseases and cancer.Its easier to say no than yes.