Collaboration is key!

What my experience in LS 5443 taught me about librarianship

What is my role as a school librarian?

LS5443 Role of a Librarian for Reflection

What is classroom-library collaboration?

Classroom-library collaboration is when two educators share responsibility of the learning that is taking place inside a classroom. As a school librarian, I will work with classroom teachers to coplan, coteach, and coassess lessons in different content areas. An instructional partnership can take many forms, from team teaching, to one assist, one model, to parallel teaching. Within the lessons we create, I have the ability to integrate information literacy and inquiry skills in with the subject's content standards in order to create unique and engaging learning experiences for our students. I know that beginning the collaborative process can take work and time, but ultimately forming a collaborative partnership benefits all of those involved.

Who can I impact through classroom-library collaboration?

What can I add to a classroom?

Inquiry & Research Processes

As a school librarian, I will bring my knowledge of inquiry and research methods to the regular classroom. Including inquiry into lessons helps prepare 21st century learners for the future. It prepares students to navigate the wealth of resources they are presented with on a daily basis and helps them search for jobs, plan for college, and even solve basic day to day problems. It will allow me to provide student's with learning experiences that teach them how to think critically, question on a higher level, and access resources in a way that effectively helps them answer their own questions and create their own solutions.

Reading Comprehension Strategies

Not only am I tasked with providing students with a diverse collection of books and resources, I also need to work to help them be able to read and understand them! One way I can help prepare students for the future is by focusing on their reading comprehension skills to help increase their likelihood of success in their later life. This course has introduced me to important research based instructional strategies, such as graphic organizers, notemaking, questioning and more that can be used when coteaching. As a school librarian, I bring my knowledge of these strategies and willingness to collaborate as tools to help integrate these into different content areas so students can reap the benefits of literacy.

Assessment & Data

By becoming a leader on my campus and an active member of my learning community, I can help gather and analyze data to measure student achievement and provide information on targeted learning experiences. This course has taught me about the importance of formative and summative assessment from a librarian standpoint. To be vital to my learning community, I need to prove it. As I collaborate with teachers, I will work with them to help gather data from classroom discussions, graphic organizers, projects and even state and district tests. I will combine this with the evidence I receive from the way the library is being utilized in order to collaborate and truly impact student achievement.

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