Little Richard

by Abigail Ingoglia and Uriah Ginder

Early Life

  • he was poor religious, and gay as a teenager
  • he participated in a medicine show as a teenager
  • born in Macon Georgia December 5th 1932
  • he was poor,religious and gay
  • he left home for music
  • his father was murdered


  • touring headliner for the Beatles-1963
  • touring headliner for rolling stones-1963
  • R&B bug influence
  • toured with his band-tempo toppers

Time Period

  • time period was 1950
  • cold war was beginning

Their music

  • started recording in 1951
  • Tutti Frutti-1955-first hit
  • long tall sally, slippin' and slidin', rip it up, ready teddy-1956
  • Lucille, jenny jenny, keep a knockin'-1957
  • good folly miss molly-1958
  • bama lama bama loo-1964
  • lyrics sung in a screaming manor
  • wild piano playing

Interesting Facts

  • most hits were in 1950
  • quit music in 1957 to become a minister
  • came back to music in 1960
  • was put in the rock and roll hall of fame in 1986
  • he's still alive
  • he's 83