Cynthia C's Digital Journal


Feb 12 Stinging Dust, Forgotten Lives

Feb 15 Write about the fight scene.

Before the fight scene, Lennie was smiling at the memory they were talking about. Curley saw him that he was smiling but he thought he was making fun of him. Then, he went and punched him in the face. Lennie had a bloody face since he had a cut made in his eye. Lennie was screaming for help at George. George told him that he had to defend himself and that was what Lennie did. He held down Curley by the hand but he actually broke it. When they guys saw that Curley was actually getting really hurt, George stepped in to finally stop Lennie. After they got Lennie separated from Curley, Lennie started panicking. He said that he didn't mean any harm towards Curley. Slim went up to him and told him that it wasn't his fault because Curley was looking for it. They warned Curley told to tell anyone about this incident but if he did tell on them, they would tell everyone about him. After that, they took him to have his crushed hand checked out.