Team Blooming Charmers

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The opportunity before you is a once in a lifetime opportunity and your future is so bright! No dream is too big!! We are growing at such an incredible speed and achieving amazing things!

I am so excited to get you started and helping you achieve your goals. First and foremost...ALWAYS go to your mentor with any questions you may have. Let her help you, it gives her the opportunity to learn and be the best mentor she can be. :) If she is unable to answer your question she will then refer to her mentor and so forth. This is one of Origami Owl's Golden Rule! :)

Here are the lists of the Leaders in our lineage:

(Me) Ellen Batu- Team Leader

Malinda Mitchell - Director

Lori Walenga Executive Team Leader

Laura Ausbrooks Executive Team Leader

Melissa Ghane Director

Rochelle Britton Senior Director

Kristine Stevens Senior Director and direct from corporate

You will receive a few Monthly Newsletters from some of these ladies listed above. Make sure to stay up to date with them so, you can see all the achievements and any training's that will be held.

Excited to have you join our team!!!!

Ellen Batu

Origami Owl Compensation Plan....How We Get Paid

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Contact Me!

If you are here to learn more about the opportunity and would like to JOIN my team please visit

https://ellenbatu.origamiowl.com/en/EnrollApproved.ashx My Designer # is 11049.


Now that your enrollment is all set up and processed, you should be able to log into the back office by visiting http:// (your replicated name here). OrigamiOwl.com and clicking on "Designer Login" - which is in the lower right hand corner. Your Designer ID is your designer number!

You should check into your Back Office at least once a day... important news, order and customer activity and eventually downline activity is all tracked here. I highly suggest you take a look at the most recent Product Availability List before any Jewelry Bar or event. This way you are as prepared as possible for customers who want items that are backordered... it's no fun at all to be surprised by a backordered item after getting all excited to get your new product.

If you haven't already, please feel free to "friend" me on Facebook; you can find me at http://www.fb.com/EllenBatu. Then I can add you to as many of our team pages as you would like!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Designers earn 50% commission on sales of charms,plates and dangles + 30% on all other jewelry.
Commissions from customer sales on your website are paid weekly which is amazing!
Commissions on orders submitted by Saturday will be paid the following Friday.
Leadership bonuses are paid monthly. (Please see Career Plan PDF in Back Office)

Requirements to remain active:
Designers are required order $199 in Personal Volume every 6 months.

Home Office (a.k.a. "The Nest") Contact Info

Phone Number:

410 S. Benson Lane
Suite 1
Chandler, AZ 85224

Email Contact Info:
To contact The Nest they ask that you use the contact form located here: http://www.origamiowl.com/contact/

Business Supplies (order forms, catalogs, invitations, stickers, charm cases, display items)
Business supplies are ordered in your back office. Click on order and then navigate to the business supply sections.

Business Cards
You can order your very own customized Origami Owl business cards Flyers Direct - https://flyersdirect.com/origamiowl

Electronic Signature
Another optional business tool is the email signature like the one I have below; it is $59 a year... but I don't know how {necessary} it is. I like it because it looks professional. You can check it out here: http://www.myesig.com/samples.php?pc=1090

Other Flyers & Marketing Materials
Designers are not able to order business cards from another supplier without approval from home office. If you wish to submit a design for approval, please email marketing@origamiowl.com and allow 5 days for review.

I know this is a lot of information to digest... but you will be amazing and I will be with you every step of the way.

What To Do FIRST

  • Open a separate Checking/Business account. This is very important to do!! You want to keep all of your business expenses and income separate from your day to day spending, bills, and other income. Whenever someone pays you you will deposit all money and checks (written to YOU) to your OO account. This way when you go to enter the orders you will use YOUR credit card to PAY for the orders.
  • You can ONLY buy your business cards through flyersdirect. Here is the link www.flyersdirect.com/origamiowl There are many designs to choose from. :)
  • Google Chrome or Fire Fox work best when accessing Origami Owl website and the Back Office. The tech team is working diligently to make browsing our website and accessing out back office more effective and efficient!! Make sure to download either Google Chrome or Firefox so, you can access your website and back office with NO problems. :)
  • Advertise Yourself and your Product!! Getting your name out there to let people know you an Origami Owl Designer is a very important step to starting your business off with a BANG!! Prepare for your Launch/Open House Party by sending out invites (Plan your party about 2 weeks after you become a Designer. This allows you time to get your kit, gather your Jewelry Bar items, and effectively advertise your party). Communicate with your mentor when you will have your Launch...if she is able she will be there to help you.
  • COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR MENTOR!! It is very important to keep lines of communication open to your mentor. She is there to help you start off your business successfully. You will report to her first before asking other designers. It not only helps maintain a good relationship with your mentor but, also keeps you from getting possible false/confusing/conflicting information. OO Policy is to always go to your mentor when needing help, if she can't answer your question, she will ask her mentor and so forth.

Helpful Tips To Prepare For Your First Jewelry Bar

  • Find items for your Jewelry Bar. Here are 2 websites I use to purchase trays and tray inserts to display the charms, dangles, plates, and tagged items. www.nilecorp.com and www.gemsondisplay.com Other items I have found at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, etc. HAVE fun designing your Jewelry Bar!! Remember to keep it OO style ;)
  • Shadow your mentor at one of her Jewerly Bars.
  • Go through the checklist below to make sure you are prepared for your Jewelry Bar
  • Have your credit card reader so you can take payment with major credit cards, if needed. (Make sure it is linked to your OO bank account)

Things You Will Need for Your Jewelry Bar





Display Items (O2 approved white Owls, Neck Forms, Dangle Display, dishes, catalogue holders, signs/frames)

Current Backorder List

Notebook with sleeves for completed Order Forms

Zipper Pouch for Money

Planner/Calendar for bookings;)))

Tablecloth- Origami Owl Blue

Pens/Pen Case

Catalogs/Take Out Menus

Order Forms/Clipboards (4)

Business Cards from Flyersdirect.com/origamiowl

Payanywhere™ Card Reader or Square Up

Hostess Packets: Hostess Letter, Locket Steps, Hostess Guide, Hostess Rewards, O2 Points of Difference, Join Our Team, 5 order forms, a couple catalogs and a business card.

TEAM Packets: Join Our Team, O2 Points of Difference, Career Plan, Designer Rewards, DIW's Do's & Don'ts, and business card.

Inventory List of product for Event/Jewelry Bar

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How do I get started?

You can become one of the first to represent O2 as an Independent Designer by applying at www.EllenBatu.OrigamiOwl.com. Our $149 Business Package includes everything you need to get your Origami Owl business started!

How much can I earn?
It's up to you - the more you sell, the more you make! Our Career Plan is one of the most generous in the industry. Designers earn 50% commissions on sales of charms, plates and dangles + 30% on all other jewelry. When you build a team and mentoring other designers you can earn additional monthly earnings starting at 9% up to 15%.

​How much time will it take?
You set your own schedule; decide when you want to hold parties and how much time you wish to dedicate to your business.

​What training and support will I receive?
You are never alone! You will have endless opportunities for training and support. You will be joining a community designed to support you and your success. As your business mentor, I am your first line of contact and will train + support you. As a member of my team, you will have exclusive access to my Team Page where you can get answers to your questions, download files, receive recognition and more!


A few tips to help you in achieving a Strong Start:

  • Book your Launch Jewelry Bar right after you sign up.
  • Start focusing on booking at least 2-3 Jewelry Bars® a month. Here are a few great ideas on getting the word out about your Origami Owl® business!
  • Set a goal to book 1-2 Jewelry Bars from each Jewelry Bar. You can do this easily and fun by utilizing the some simple booking techniques.
  • Build your Hostess Coaching skills by aiming for 10 guests perJewelry Bar®.
  • Hostess Coach by encouraging your Hostess to collect outside orders.
  • Focus on booking at least one Vendor Event in your first 90 days.
By following these simple tips, you will be on your way to a Strong Start and your Origami Owl® business will thrive!


What exactly is a Launch Jewelry Bar? A Launch Jewelry Bar is KEY to let everyone know about your New Origami Owl® Business. A Launch Jewelry Bar is about introducing to absolutely everyone you know about your new business. Selling lockets is amazing but it will not prepare your business for the future. You want to focus on booking jewelry bars, building relationships and getting the word out there that you are the locket lady!

When you are planning your launch jewelry bar, you want to keep it simple and remember the three P's: Preparing, Planning and Presentation.


Try to set it up your Origami Owl® launch party within the first 7-10 days of getting your kit. This is when your friends and family are exploding with excitement and can't wait to see your new business in action.

Ask your Mentor if she can attend for moral support and guidance. If not, ask her to be available by phone for questions in case you have any issues. I always try to be available for my team members when I know they are having their launch party, I am at their beckon call for any unforeseen questions or issues that may arise.

Invite absolutely everyone you know, and I mean everyone!! A great guide to planning your invite list is the FRANKS system. Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, Kids (connections to your kids such as teachers, coaches, parents of friends, etc.). Did you know only 25% of your invites will actually show up so make sure you over invite!!!

Use several methods of communication to invite your guests. In today's day and age, one person's way of communicating may be the same for another. One friend may be a huge Facebook user, while the other prefers receiving an email or even a post card invitation. If you send out only a Facebook Invite, you may not grab the attention of your friend who only checks her Facebook account once a month. I always suggest to my team members to pick at least 2-3 methods of communication to grab the attention of the majority of your guests.

Encourage your guests to bring a friend and offer them a small gift for doing so! The more guests that show up at your launch party, the merrier.


When planning your Origami Owl® Launch party, you want to stay away from the dreaded term "Open House." You want your party to be light, casual and pressure-free. Since we are focusing on bookings and building relationships, keep it fun! Your guests will relax and have fun too and will be excited about possibly planning a party of their own.

One popular Launch Party style is to follow the 3/2/2 method. Provide your guests 3 opportunities to stop by your home over a 2 day time span for 2 hours at a time. This way you give your guests more opportunities to fit your Launch party into their busy schedule. For example, plan a Muffins and Mimosas for your first 2 hour session on Friday morning from 9am - 11am. This is a great way to catch the Mom's who just sent their kids off on the bus or dropped them off at preschool. Your second session can be from 4pm - 6pm for the after work crowd heading home on a Friday afternoon. On Saturday morning, offer a light brunch from 10am - 12pm to catch everyone else who was unable to make it on Friday. These examples may not work for your busy schedule so it's important to plan your 2 hour sessions around what you think is most convenient for you and your guests. Don't go over board with food... keep it simple! Everyone will be more focused on your beautiful Lockets and not on the food!

Follow-up 2-3 days before your party with phone calls, text messages, and emails as a reminder and a way to keep the lines of communication open with your guests. Even post a Facebook update to remind your friends of your exciting event they certainly do not want to miss!


Now it's time to set up that beautiful, new starter kit you received! One question I always receive from my new Designers is whether or not the new kit has enough to show off at your first couple of parties. Absolutely!! Origami Owl® provides you with a starter business kit so that you will have enough supplies to have a show of your own. You don’t have to keep an inventory for your open house. It is okay to use your products as advertisements and take orders; just allow enough time to for delivery of the orders for those who purchase for the purpose of gift giving.

Make sure you have your planner out for your guests to see. This shows them that you take your schedule seriously and that you want to set a date that is convenient for both of you. Before your party, review your calendar for the next 2 months. Choose the dates that work best for you and your family. Let your guests choose which day they want to hold their parties from your available dates. When you book a party, make sure you add it to your planner right away in a brightly colored pen so your guests can see your calendar filling up and that you are in demand. I recommend giving a gift for booking a party – one example would be to have them choose their favorite charm and you will give to them the night of their party.

Set up a little check out area with your Recruiting Packets, Hostess Packets and Business Cards. You also want to have your calculator, smart phone, a pen and your planner with you as well during the check out process.

Don't forget to take a deep breath, relax and have fun! Have a great time showing off your new business to your friends and family. Your smile and excitement will be contagious, your guests will want to be a part of it too whether it's joining your team or hosting a party. Good luck!!!

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You just received your kit, you are absolutely in love with the beautiful jewelry, but now what??? You need to start booking Jewelry Bars®!!!

I put together a list of ideas to help you in thinking outside of the box and start booking those parties!

  • Have a Facebook/Virtual Party - Connect with your friends all over the country. Set a date and time for everyone to log in to Facebook. Offer a door prize to those who attend, an additional incentive to those who ask questions about your business and then let them shop away! As the hostess, you can either earn the hostess rewards for yourself to earn inventory, or raffle off the rewards as an extra incentive to those who attend and place an order.

  • Party On the Go - Fill up a pouch or bag with a few catalogs, orders forms, hostess exclusive flier, recruiting flier and a few lockets complete with charms, dangles and a chain and let the products sell themselves! Give to the hostess to take to work, a friend's house, family get together or a girl's night out. She collects the orders and earns FREE jewelry from all the hostess benefits.

  • Mystery Hostess Party - Guests earn tickets various ways in order to win the hostess rewards. This can be done on-line or in a home. Guests can earn tickets by brining a friend, bringing an outside order, booking a party, or signing up as a Designer. Get creative!!! Once all the orders are in, draw a ticket to see who wins the hostess benefits.

  • Heels and Deals Booking Blitz - Pull together your list of FRANKS (Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, Kids (Mom's of Your Kids's friends), Spouse (Wife's of your Spouses friends). Put on your sassiest pair of heels, your hottest lip stick and set the timer on your phone for one hour. Call as many people as you can in that hour asking them to host a party or just to say thank you for supporting your business. Build that relationship with your customer, a phone call really does go a long way. Having those sassy heals and lipstick on really does go along way, when you feel sassy and confident, it will shine through to the other end of the line. Try it and see what happens!!!

  • Booking Blitz Buddies - You know how they say you are more likely to succeed with your diet if you have a buddy? The same goes for Booking Blitz's! Try the Heels and Deals booking blitz with a fellow Designer. Knowing that you have the support of a fellow Origami Owl® sister will make the Booking Blitz go a lot quicker and will be a little less scary if you know you have a buddy cheering you on. Once your power hour is up, call each other to share your success stories!

  • Open House/Launch Party/New Product Premier - You do not have to have your launch party only when you first become a Designer. You can have an Open House/Launch Party/New Product Premier style party to celebrate a new catalog, a new special, or just an excuse to get your family and friends together.

  • School Events - Ask to set up a table at a School sporting event, Open house, PTA meeting, Band Concert, etc.

  • Kid's Sporting Event - I am actually using this idea from a fellow Owl sister. She set up a small table display at her child's Soccer game and the Soccer Mom's went wild!! Make sure to pass out catalogs to all the Mom's for both the home and away teams. Soccer Mom's love Origami Owl®. Don't forget to purchase in advance a lot of Soccer ball charms!

  • Mommy and Me Tea Party/Brunch - Have Mom's and Daughters of all ages gather at your home or even a Tea room/Coffee shop for a morning of fun and pampering. Serve finger sandwiches, cookies and tea/punch. You can even team up with anther direct sales company that offers pampering products and have her invite her guests. You can both share in the leads and the pampering!

  • Neighborhood Ambush - Distribute fliers with your information and a coupon for 'One FREE Charm' for scheduling a Jewelry Bar with you. You can choose your neighborhood or every neighborhood in the city!

  • Shopapalooza - This is a great idea to do around the holidays. Team up with friends who sell for other Direct Sales Companies and host a one stop shop!! Each consultant will invite their friends, family, contacts and previous customers. In return, you all gain new customers from the huge pool of attendees. It's a great way to network with other Direct Sales consultants and gain new customers at the same time!

  • Have Your Friends Help! - Give your friends a locket to wear if they do not own one already. Have them wear it to work, the grocery store, Target, their kids's extracurricular activities. Arm them with catalogs and Business cards too so when people ask them where they bought their beautiful locket, your friends will let them know!

  • Booking Games - There are so many different booking games out there to play during your Jewelry Bar®.

    Great Places to Leave Catalogs for Potential Bookings

    • Hair Salons/Boutiques/Personal Gyms - Ask to set up a small display with catalogs and fliers, if a display will not work, ask to leave your catalogs in a common area of the facility.

    • Doctors Offices/Hospital Waiting Rooms- I have personally left several catalogs my kid's Pediatrician's office and Hospital Waiting rooms. Be sure to introduce yourself to the receptionist and let her know of your new business. See if she will mind if you leave a few catalogs behind.

    • Break Room at Place of Employment - Leave a catalog in the break room/lunchroom at your place of employment. Are you a Stay At Home Mom? Then ask your spouse to bring catalogs to work and pass them around and leave them in his break room or lunch room.

    • Teacher's Lounge at Your Child's School - Ask your child's teach or principal if they have a lounge that they could leave a few of your catalogs in. Teacher's love Origami Owl®!!

    • Leave a Catalog with your Waitress - If you received amazing service while you were out to dinner or think your waitress would make an amazing Designer on your team, leave her a catalog or your Business Card. Leave a personalized note just for her on how she would make an amazing addition to your team or party hostess. She will give you a call just to hear more! .

    How to BOOK more Jewelry Bars!

    Booking Jewelry Bars® is the number one key to success in your Origami Owl®business. Booking Jewelry Bars® doesn't have to be hard! Origami Owl®Jewelry Bars® are a fun opportunity for a Girls Night Out and a fantastic way to earn FREE Jewelry. Why wouldn't anyone want to host a Jewelry Bar®?

    Booking games are a great addition to any Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar®. In addition to helping you get more bookings, it will also entertain your guests. I’ve found that I get more bookings by turning the process into a game instead of simply asking if a guest wants to host a party.

    My favorite booking game and the one in my opinion that has produced the best results is 'Deal or No Deal'. This game is a lot of fun to play with your guests and builds up the suspense of winning a FREE gift that no one can say no to booking a Jewelry Bar with you.


    • *15 Customer Packets
    • *14 Blank Notecards with Origami Owl® products written hand written as prizes on the inside.
    • *1 Blank Notecard with 'ONE FREE LOCKET' written on the inside.
    • Do not seal the notecards!


    I explain that we are going to play a really fun game and everyone has a chance to win FREE Jewelry! The guests are now intrigued and buzzing with excitement at the prospect of winning FREE jewelry. Everyone loves to feel like they are getting something for FREE. The suspense element is really important here, you really want to build that excitement so that everyone will go along with your game. I then explain once everyone is holding their envelopes in their hand that everyone is holding an envelope with a FREE gift from me inside, an actual product from the catalog ranging in value from $10 to $40. I further explain that inside ONE person's envelope is a FREE Locket. I tell the guests if they have been thinking about booking a Jewelry Bar and having a fun Girls Night Out with their friends, they can open their envelopes. Only those who are interested in booking a Jewelry Bar are allowed to see what is inside the envelope. Guests are not allowed to peek inside their envelope and then make a decision. They have to agree by saying "Deal!" and then they can open their envelope. So I walk around the room and ask each guest "Deal or No Deal?" If someone says "Deal!" go ahead and yell and scream and give a big "Woo hoo!" She is now allowed to open her envelope to see what she has won. Even if she has only won a FREE charm, make a big deal out of it and tell her how much fun she is going to have at her party! Move on to the next guest, if they say "No Deal", ask them politely to hand the envelope back to you, they are not able to see what is inside. It gets really exciting when someone actually does open the FREE locket. Then there is a lot of cheering, hugging and happy dancing going on. Isn't that the best way ever to book a party? I knew you would love it!

    Best of luck to you at your Jewelry Bars® and hopefully you leave with a lot of 'Deals!'


    First, I have to say before we even get started that Vendor Events should not be the lifeline of your business...Jewelry Bars®should be. Vendor shows are great for finding new customer and getting your name out there. If you have the opportunity to book a Jewelry Bar® on the same day as a vendor show, choose the Jewelry Bar®. It can becoming pretty pricey if you replace vendor shows with Jewelry Bars®. With that said, vendor shows can be very helpful in your Origami Owl® business if they are done properly. We are going to start off with some basics to make sure that we are all on the same page.

    Before you even get started researching Vendor Events, you will want to familiarize yourself with Origami Owl® Policies and Procedures on Vendor Show and Events so you know what is expected of you as an Independent Designer representing Origami Owl®.


    The purpose of a vendor show is to find new hostesses, customers and potential team members. Think about what your goals are for this vendor event and focus your energy there. Do you want to book more parties? Looking to grow your Origami Owl® team? Or sell some of your inventory?

    I keep an eye out for the women who need some extra income or who is looking for a girls night out to escape the every day chaos. I invite them into my booth to see what Origami Owl® can do for them.


    Google Vendor Events in Your Community with these key terms:
    • Local Festivals
    • County Fairs
    • Job Fairs
    • Craft Shows
    • Bridal Shows


      Once you locate an event that you would be interested in, you will want to confirm with the event coordinator that there isn't another Origami Owl® Independent Designer signed up already. I typically will pay only $25 - $75 for an event that I will attend by myself. If the fee is more expensive than what I am willing to pay on my own, I will contact another team member to see if she would be interested in splitting the booth fee with me. This also means splitting the leads, use your own judgment on how you would like to handle. Very large vendor events can be pretty expensive and can range up to $2,200. Be sure to do your homework before investing this kind of money. With an event this size, it's best to enlist the help of several team members.


      • Is this a first time event?
      • How well was this event marketed?
      • How many people has this event attracted in the past?
      • How many vendors will be in attendance?

      Don't be afraid to ask these questions, you want to make sure this event is worth your time and money. For larger events, I have even spoken to a vendor from another Direct Sales Company who has had experience this event in the past. I want to get her knowledge and advice about her experience to see if it is something I would be interested in.

      You also want to familiarize yourself with the Policies and Procedures of that particular event. A few other questions to ask the event coordinator are:

      • If the event is outside, what is there is bad weather?
      • How early do you need to arrive to set up your booth?
      • Is the event supplying vendors with tables or do you have to bring your own?
      • Is there a contract to sign?
      You want to make sure there are no surprises when you show up.


      When setting up your booth, you want to keep these key points in mind:

      • Keep it clean and simple.
      • Keep it inviting.
      • An more importantly, is it obvious that it's an Origami Owl® booth?
      • What makes your booth unique.
      • Would I stop at my booth if I were a passers by?
      Setting up your booth should not be difficult, grab a tablecloth, your kit, and a tent if the event were outside. You want to make your job look and fun and easy incase any potential team members stop by. Now that you have your booth set up, now how do you get people into your booth? Offer a Giveaway! You can giveaway a $25 Origami Owl® gift card or an OO product. Women are very visual and would love to win one of our pretty, sparkly lockets. Have a pad of paper and a sign that you are doing a giveaway. After speaking to each person who stops by your booth, say to them "It was such a pleasure speaking with you, would you like to enter my giveaway?" Who doesn't love free stuff? I have not had anyone turn me down yet. Ask them to write on your notepad their name, phone number and email address so you can contact them if they won. At the end of the vendor show, you now have everyone's email address that you spoke to. The biggest benefit to doing this is that you can now add all of their emails to your Origami Owl® monthly newsletter.

      You always want to stand outside of your booth and invite people in. Do not sit behind your booth, it makes you look unapproachable.


      One of the biggest questions I receive when I am working my booth is "Can I have a catalog?" I don't mind handing out catalogs, don't get me wrong, you just don't want to give a catalog to everyone. That can get pretty expensive! What I do is that I have all of my old catalogs sitting out and I have them labeled. And that label says something catchy...'Although this catalog is old, take one look and you will be sold. Contact me for a new catalog!'

      This is a great way to get rid of your old catalogs. And its a great way to conserve my new catalogs. I keep my current catalogs out of sight and reserve them only for serious leads such as someone wanting to book a party or join Team Hoot Mamas.

      Some other things to have on the table are business cards, recruiting packets for potential team members, and of course, a little jar of suckers or stickers to give to all the little kids that stop by your booth. Keep in mind, you want to keep a clutter free area.

      Under the table, you will want to keep hostess packet for all interested in booking parties. You are going to want to keep your booking calendar tucked away for easy access for those who want to book their parties that day. Keep a notepad of all the warm and hot leads that you receive. Keep notes about what you talked about. They will all start to run together as your day goes on and what you are going to want to remember what you and that sweet stay at home mom talked about that stopped by your booth and wanted to learn more about becoming a Designer. She would make the perfect addition to your team and you don't want to forget what you two talked about.


      When I get home from my event, I send out a mass email reminding them that we met at the event and thanking them for their time. Congratulate the winner of your giveaway and let them know you will be in touch with them. This keeps the conversation going and the relationship building. I add any hot or warm lead to my lead binder that I keep with me at all times. If I am ever in the car waiting to pick up my daughter at preschool or have a few minutes during my kid's naptime, I pick up the phone and call my leads.

      It is imperative to make an appointment in your calendar in a few days after the event to follow up with all of your leads before they go cold. If you don't schedule time for follow up them you wasted your money by letting those leads go cold.

      • DO stand in front of your booth and talk to people.
      • DON'T sit your chair and wait for them to come to you.
      • DO call your leads and
      • DON'T talk yourself out of it by telling yourself you are bugging them.
      • DO put your cell phone away and
      • DON'T text or Facebook from your booth the entire time.
      • DO have a sign at your booth that says 'Join My Origami Owl® Team'
      • DO make the best out of your event even if there is a low attendance.
      • DON'T forget to get to know the other vendors and leave your business cards with them.
      • DO your homework so there are NO surprises when you arrive at the event.
      • DON'T eat at your booth.
      • DO work smarter, not harder.
      • DO talk to everyone who passes by and
      • DON'T prejudge, you never know who is needs a little Origami Owl®in their life.
      • DO build a good relationship with the event coordinator and
      • DON'T forget to ask to secure your spot at their next event.
      • DO remember you are representing Origami Owl® at your booth and you always want to be a Force for Good.


      First, in order to become more confident and consistent in recruiting you must understand WHY, HOW and WHERE to recruit. WHY would you want to mentor others and build a team? Mentoring others provides so many more amazing opportunities in your business that you wouldn't normally achieve if you chose to only host Jewelry Bars®. Opportunities such as significant financial impact, career advancement, recognition, leadership, networking, personal growth and helping others achieve their dreams would not be possible without mentoring.

      Second, you must understand HOW to recruit. Recruiting is a skill that can be learned. So many have a fear of recruiting either because of rejection or the fear of being too pushy. If you are fearful of rejection or appearing too pushy when offering the gift of Origami Owl®, then you are focused on the wrong person. When you mentor a new designer you are also giving her the opportunity to fulfill her dreams whether it's for her to have more time with her kids or less stress over the car payment. Focus on your potential recruits needs and how the gift of Origami Owl® can help or change her life is always the right approach.

      I want you to learn when you are sharing the opportunity that it is important to remove your emotion from the outcome. This will take the pressure off of you when you are going through the recruiting process. Think of yourself as hosting a birthday party and offering your guests a piece of birthday cake. After offering them the piece of cake, it is their decision to accept or decline. Are you offended or upset when your guest declines a piece of cake? Do you leave the room and go have a cry in your pantry? No! Perhaps she is on a diet, not feeling well or just not ready to have her cake yet. She is not saying no to you, she is saying no to the birthday cake. You move on and keep offering the birthday cake to your other guests. This is how you want to recruit, keep offering the birthday cake to your guests and quickly move on when they say no. Someone is eventually going to want a piece of birthday cake and you want to be the one offering it to them.

      You must also change your recruiting mindset in order to be successful at recruiting. I started as an Origami Owl® Designer just like you with a $149 kit.

      A Designer with an Active recruiting mindset is actively seeking out members to share the opportunity with. They are intentional in their daily recruiting activities by making lists of potential recruits and setting small goals to talk to at least 1-3 of them a day. They talk to people about the opportunity every where they go, such as the check out line in Target, Library, at the pediatrician's office, the playground or during Preschool drop off. They also actively recruit on Social Media and take the time to most affectively use they amazing tools. They follow up with warm leads and do not allow them to grow cold.

      A designer with a Passive recruiting mindset is not actively looking for new team members in their daily lives. It's not that they don't want a new team member, because they do. They just go about their day, barely mentioning their business to anyone, hoping recruits will just some how find them. They do not set small goals. They do not share the opportunity as they talk to someone who could even possibly be a new recruit. They are afraid of rejection or appearing pushy so they do not mention the opportunity at all. They sit and wait hoping that the leads will some how find them and everything will work out.

      Who do you think is going to be growing a team, moving up in Origami Owl® and making the most of their business? The Designer with the Active or Passive mindset?

      Lastly, you want to know WHERE to recruit. You won't find a better opportunity to recruit more people at the same time then at a Jewelry Bar®. Every time you go to a Jewelry Bar®, you have to be intentional and possess an Active recruiting mindset at all times. I always go to a Jewelry Bar® with the intent of identifying at least 2 women that I would like to have join my team. The first recruit you are going to identify is your hostess. It has been said that 80-90% of recruits are previous hostesses. The first step to recruiting your hostess is to include a "Think About It" packet in her Hostess Folder. This gets the ball rolling and has her already thinking about the role as an Origami Owl® Independent Designer.

      My "Think About It" packet includes the following:

      • A pink or turquoise gift bag.
      • Owl sticker
      • Join Our Team flier
      • Career Plan flier
      • Catalog
      • Personal Card

      When the guests begin to arrive, be sure you are taking the time to get to know the them. Who is the most well liked guest or the life of the party? Seek those guests out and get to know them better by asking them questions about themselves. Are they married? Have children? Do they work outside of the home? What activities are they involved in? Pay attention to what questions they then ask you. See where the gift of Origami Owl® can fit into their life. You also want to take this time to start planting your recruiting seeds and see how they respond. Be sure you do not pre-judge, try to get to know everyone at the party. Even though you have a personal goal of targeting two potential recruits, you never want to limit yourself incase there are more. Once you have identified your second recruit (or maybe even a third!) based on your conversations with your guests, you tell them you included something fun for her to look at when she gets home and then place her receipt inside the"Think About It" packet during the checkout process. My goal for every Jewelry Bar® is to get rid of at least two packets, one to my hostess and one to a guest. After the guest receives her order in a few days, follow up with a customer care call asking her if she was happy with her products and what she thought of the fun packet she took home with her. The fortune is always in the follow up!

      When you wrap up your Jewelry Bar®be sure to ask your hostess if she looked over the "Think About It" packet that you gave her. Let her now how much commission she would have made if this was her party. Tell her if she would sign up to become an Origami Owl® Designer that this could be her launch party. She would receive the commission and any bookings that came with it. Tell her that she was the one who did all the work and she will be pleasantly surprised to just how easy it really was.

      Where else can you share the opportunity? Recruiting opportunities really are everywhere and it is up to you to be intentional in your recruiting efforts and always possess an Active Recruiting Mindset to find them. These recruiting tips when followed can help you when speaking to potential new team members. Make sure to always be up front and honest when speaking about the business. Show your passion but don’t scare them with too much information or over enthusiasm. Remember to always follow up! You can grow your team and your income through sharing the opportunity with confidence and practice.


      A common question I receive from my new Designers lately is 'What is a Facebook Party?' and 'How can I do this with my friends?' It certainly sounds like fun, right? You simply can not go wrong combining everyone's love of Facebook and a party. The two things just naturally seem to go together. Facebook parties are a great way to earn more sales for the month to your business. These are perfect if you are having a slow month or need to get more exposure to your Origami Owl® business. Often friends have a night where they are not doing anything but can’t necessarily make it to a home party. I know personally that it's not always easy to find a sitter and will just enjoy a relaxing weekend night at home in my jammies. At some point during the night, I will hop on Facebook. Why not offer a Facebook party where your friends can still buy their favorite Origami Owl® jewelry and possibly win the Hostess rewards? All from the comfort of their own home.

      There are a few ways to host a Facebook party. You can keep it open where friends order during a period of time such as a week or you can do an online event night where the event will take place for one night only for a few hours. All friends will hang out on Facebook and spend time online in the event. You can also have a friend or family member host a Facebook party on your behalf for all of her friends and family. If you have a friend who is hosting a Facebook party for you, be sure to send her catalogs, order forms and a sample locket so she can collect orders from friends and family who may not be able to attend the event or who do not have Facebook.

      The next question you want to address is who earns the Hostess Rewards at a Facebook party? You can create Facebook parties and make yourself the hostess or you can set the party up as a mystery hostess and reward your guests using an entry system. Each guest can earn an entry by attending, bringing a friend, placing an order or hosting a party of their own. Choose a winner at random at the end of the party by collecting all the entries and picking a name out of a 'virtual' hat. I typically use Random.org. If your friend is hosting a Facebook party for you, she will earn the hostess rewards.

      When setting up your Facebook party, go to the Events icon on the left sidebar of your Facebook account. Create a new event and invite all of your friends. Be sure to attach several pictures of Lockets within your event page that you have set up of to entice your guests right out of the gate. Who can resist all the beautiful jewelry? In your description, write a brief summary about how your Facebook party is going to work and what they can expect by attending.

      As the Facebook party hostess, you can still go through your presentation as you would a home party. Share a little bit about yourself, how Origami Owl® was founded by a 14 year old girl and other fun and exciting tidbits about life as an Origami Owl® Independent Designer. Don't forget to play Booking Games! You can post pictures of 5 colored envelopes or Origami Owl® signature fortune cookies by saying there are prizes located inside. Encourage someone to book an on-line or home party by explaining that by booking a party with you, they can earn the gift located inside.

      It's a party so you want to remain a charming hostess at all times and make your guests feel comfortable! Offer virtual drinks and snacks to your guests throughout the party and always thank your guests for coming and placing an order. Be sure to keep the party fun and exciting! Offer incentives throughout the party and give a few shout outs to guests who place orders, bring a friend or simply for attending.

      At the end of your Facebook party be sure to thank all your guests for coming. Share how much the Hostess earned in benefits, your guests will be amazed at how easy was and want to host a party of their own and earn hostess benefits too. If it was a Mystery Hostess party, announce the winner of the hostess benefits and how much she earned. Make sure to send a personal thank you via Facebook message or on their wall for attending. This keeps the line of communication open and also continues to build your relationship with that customer. After all, the relationships you build with your customers are most important. It keeps them coming back and makes you their go-to 'Locket Lady.'


      An easy way to continue to share with your customers, hostesses, and team members is to have a Facebook Page. It gives your friends another avenue to interact with you and a way for new customers to find you. Even if you have a personal Facebook account that you use regularly, having a Facebook Fan page allows for a different type of interaction and also expands your audience. A Facebook page is an ideal way to connect with your customers on Facebook, while a Facebook Group is better suited to interacting with your team.

      With a Facebook Page you can add additional graphics & media, post links to sites that your readers might find interesting, and engage in a more casual conversation. You can also use your page to "like" other Fan pages and comment on those pages from your Facebook Page as opposed to your personal account.

      1. Go to http://www.facebook.com/pages to get started. You’ll see a screen like this:

      Once you are there, click on the Create Page button in green at the top.

      2. Click on Brand or Product in the upper right box. You’ll be prompted to choose a category.

      3. In the category dropdown, select Jewelry/Watches.

      4. Type in your Facebook page name under the Category dropdown box, check the box to agree to Facebook's Terms of Service and click Get Started. It's very important that you follow Origami Owl® guidelines and name your page URL:


      5. Fill in some basic information about your Origami Owl® business. Here, you can give a short description about yourself and your business, as well as links to your Origami Owl® website itself and to other social media profiles (such as your Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram account.) Click 'Yes' on the two radio buttons at the bottom and hit 'Save Info'.

      6. Next you’ll be prompted to upload a profile picture. I strongly feel your profile picture should be an actual head shot of yourself and not a logo or a picture of a locket. Fans like to know who the person is behind the Fan page. You can always add logos and picture of lockets to your cover photo. If you don’t have a good picture at the moment, feel free to skip this step – you can always add a picture later.

      7. Facebook will automatically add your new Fan page to your Favorites for easy access.

      And your done! Easy peasy, right?

      You’ll be taken to your page, which has the admin panel across the top. Feel free to explore the various settings and options. There are all kinds of prompts to help you understand what to do. You can invite your friends, add a cover photo, update your page info and update your about section all from your Admin panel.

      Pay special attention to the bottom right section of the admin panel. This section allows you to claim a custom URL for your page. That means that instead of something like


      Your URL will be “pretty” and easy to remember, like this:


      Feel free to click on the link above and become a fan...I would love it if you did!

      Now for the fun part! Post your first photo or status update from your new fan page!!

      Don't forget to also share your new Facebook page on your personal Facebook wall. Announce to the world your new Origami Owl® business and encourage your friends to check out your page and 'Like' it. Have a blast marketing your new business through your Facebook fan page. Have fun with it! Your enthusiasm will be contagious and everyone will want to check out your new business.


      What is the minimum sales requirement to remain an active designer with Origami Owl®?

      The Origami Owl® Designer requirements are fairly easy to achieve. A designer must submit $199 in personal volume (PV) in a rolling 6 month period to remain active. This amounts to around $275 in retail sales or basically 4 to 5 complete lockets including charms and chains. I personally love that the minimum requirement can be achieved in a "rolling 6 month period". This truly provides a Designer with so much flexibility. You can easily achieve this in one month or take the full 6 months to produce the $199 in PV. For example, lets say you sell $100 in the first two months as an Origami Owl® Independent Designer. You are already half way there with four months left to go. You totally got this, right? Then life takes over, your plate fills up, and unexpected distractions set in. I certainly know how that can happen! A month goes by and you realize you didn't sell any lockets this month. That is more than OK! You still have 3 more months to sell that remaining $99 in PV. The following month, life opens up again and you start booking Jewelry Bars® left and right. Your business has taken off and you are feeling happy, confident and successful. You did more than just meet the minimum requirement, you blew it out of the water!

      My advice to you to continuously achieve the Origami Owl® Designer requirements would be to be intentional and consistent in building your business. You can easily do this by:
      • Jewelry Bars® - Filling your calendar with parties is the absolute best way to fulfill your PV requirement. During a Jewelry Bar®, it is even more important to book future parties with the guests in attendance.
      • Power Prospecting - Prospecting is the process of talking to people, in hopes that you will find some who are interested in joining you in purchasing your products or business opportunity.
      • Social Media - I am a firm believer that Social Media truly is the future of Direct Sales. Create a Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Instagram and Pinterest Board all personally dedicated to your Origami Owl® business. Invite all of your friends to join in and support you by following your journey via Social Media.
      • Virtual Jewelry Bars - Have you or a friend host a Facebook or Take-Out Party.
      • Vendor Events - Attend a local Craft, Vendor or Bridal Show to expand your networking circle.

      I know from personal experience how exhilarating and exciting it is when you start your new Origami Owl® business. I also know that there is a little bit of uncertainty and nervousness regarding the minimum sales requirements. Rest assured, your concerns will quickly fade once you get started. Origami Owl® jewelry is so beautiful, versatile and sparkly, it simply sells itself!! You will be amazed at how easy this product truly is to sell. Of course, I will be right there with you cheering you on, sharing my experience and the proper methods on building a highly successful business.

      Are you ready to join us? As a member of BLOOMING CHARMERS TEAM, you can do what you love and love what you do! You can have the flexibility to run your own business while balancing family life, help customers design meaningful keepsakes and achieve the financial rewards in the process. Joining my first line team, you come a member of the most inspiring, successful and fastest growing teams within Origami Owl®...The Owlistas Team..and the Blooming Charmers.


      Hashtags are one of the easiest ways to reach outside of your circle of followers and are simply words that include the # sign in front of them. When you use hashtags on a social media network like Instagram, you can search on it to see who else is using the same hashtag. For example, when I post a Team OWLISTA related photo on my Facebook Fan Page, I always use the hash tags #origamiowl and #owlistas. By using a # sign in front of a key word or phrase, it turns it into a hyperlink so when your readers click on it, they are able to see all of the other Facebook posts that use the same hashtags.

      Let's say a potential customer or team member is looking for an Origami Owl®Designer on Facebook. They can perform a search on the #origamiowl hash tag and if you happen to use that hashtag in your Facebook posts, your post will pop up in their search results. This is a wonderful way to reach those potential new customers or team members that are not even Fans of your Facebook Fan page!! The same concept works for both Twitter and Instagram. By using hashtags in your posts, you are providing yourself the opportunity to reach outside of your Facebook fan base. More clicks leads to more fans and followers which then leads to new customers and team members.


      1. Organize Your Leads - The first thing to do when preparing for the next month is to go through all of the leads you have collected in the last few months and organize them. Your leads are the most important asset in your business. Run through all the names you have of people who said no because the timing was not right, or something was going on in their life that prevented them from starting their business. By organizing that list NOW, you’ll be ready to call on prospects during the last week of every month. My leads are organized into 4 categories: Scheduled Jewelry Bars®, Tentative Jewelry Bar®, Potential Customers and Recruiting Leads. Here is what qualifies a lead to fall within a particular category.
      • Scheduled Jewelry Bars®- You have already scheduled an upcoming Jewelry Bar with this hostess. Make sure if she does not have a hostess packet to send her one right away. Celebrate the new year by letting her know how you are really looking forward to planning a Jewelry Bar with her.
      • Tentative Jewelry Bars® - These are the leads that have not committed to a Jewelry Bars® just yet, however, told you to "call them after Christmas" to set something up. You want to contact these leads right away before their every day life takes over and calendars start to fill up again.
      • Potential Customers - Potential Customers are the individuals that contacted you about placing an order for a Christmas gift, yet never followed through. You want to follow up with them to see how their holiday was and if they were still interested in placing an order for perhaps another occasion.
      • Recruiting Leads - Recruiting is typically slower in December as women are busy doing the shopping for their families. Not a lot of people have time to start a business around the holidays, however, they have heard about Origami Owl®and really want to look into the opportunity more once life has settled down for them. Perhaps they asked you a lot of questions at a recent Jewelry Bars® or have sent you an email asking for more information about the business. Follow up with them via email and let them know you were thinking about them and if they had any questions about the amazing Origami Owl® opportunity.
      Once you have organized your leads, set aside some time each day to pick up the phone and follow up. Remember, the fortune is always in the follow up!!!

      2. Update Your Monthly Connection Newsletter - I know this is something that I really need to do and am very much looking forward to working on in the next few days. I collected several email addresses from holiday vendor shows, Jewelry Bars®, single order customers and email inquiries over the last few months and I want to keep in touch with them. The monthly newsletter is the perfect opportunity to keep your leads informed of the latest information and products.

      3. Organize Your Office and Inventory - Every Corporation goes through a year end close process and you should not treat your own business any differently. I keep a spreadsheet of all my inventory and know that it needs updating. Once my inventory report has been updated and organized, I plan on putting through a business supply order to replace anything that I may still need.

      5. Set Your Goals for 2014 - As you are setting goals for 2014, don't be afraid to dream big and step outside your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to try something new. If your goal is big, don't forget to break it down into smaller goals so that you can celebrate along the way! It won't be easy but with hard work and determination, you will look back and realize that when you reach your goals, it was the greatest decision you made. When we take the time to set goals, we ensure our life is geared toward getting the most out of every moment and making our business our own.

      DID YOU KNOW...

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      WHERE IS......?

      More often than not, the form that you are looking for can be easily located in your Back Office.

      • Log into your Back Office
      • Click on the O2 Lounge choice
      • Left hand side: DOCUMENT LIBRARY