Impact on my life

The fight

I was in the 5th grade going on 6th grade and there was a kid named Sean who was over all the the biggest person in the class and he loved to bully everyone including me. So one day Sean started to bully me and I got sick and tired of it, so I did something about it. He pushes me on the ground and I get back up and jump in the air and wrap my legs around his neck and sling him to the floor. Then I jump on him overweight stomach and start pounding on his larger head. He pushes me off but I don't stop then I charge at him and plunge my stomach into his stomach and push up, he looses his breath and goes straight to he floor and doesn't get back up.

The overcome

After the fight nobody messed with me after that. Bully's are cruel and uncivilized and need to be punished. I don't like bully's and if anyone messes with my friends they will have to go through me first.

Stop bullies now

Bullies are not to be treated like a friend

Don't let the bully get ahold of you tell someone

Bully's have no power over a teacher. The bully can't control what the teacher does. So speech up and tell somebody. Make a difference!!!!!!!!!!!!