Pay It Forward

Show and spread acts of kindness.

Pay It Forward By, Storm

Pay It Forward is a way to show and spread kindness.Here are some examples. Like when I was letting out Axl outside , my sister was taking out the trash and she didn’t want to go outside.I took it out for her because I was going out there any way , my sister doesn't like to go outside ,and if everyone does that the world will be a better place to live.

Now you get the point so if you are getting bored you can quit reading, but if want some more examples read on.Here's one. I was going outside and I see this man going to open the door. So I open it for him.Another one was ,my mom told me to clean the litterbox so I did BUT I also cleaned Bishoz's 2 papers and Russel’s 1 paper. That helped Kylie,Dad,Mom,Russel, And,Beshoz.

Now you get the point.But I’m still not done .I Have to give reason for doing these acts.Well in the next paragraph I shall give you reason to do good.

Here we are.You see when I helped my sister she was happy that is one of the best rewards.When I helped the man I got a smile another of the best rewards.When I did extra work I got rewarded by watching a show I like.Another reward.But also the important thing is that those peoples lives were better.

Now you get the point.My say is done.Pay it forward is a way to show and spred kindness.So help out.People need it.


Storm L. Green

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