French Cultural Poster


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Why Quebec is such a unique place

In Quebec, there are many things you might find in a bustling American city. Things such as high rise hotels, four lane freeways, and large urban parks, such as Battlefields Park. From all this, Quebec might seem like a fast and hectic place to live, but it has many pockets where an older style of European living can be found, such as le Vieux-Quebec, or, Old Quebec. There, you can find everything from quaint cafes to quiet cobblestone streets.

Fun Fact:

In Quebec, like all of Canada, they use the metric system. This means that they use kilometers per hour instead of miles per hour, and Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. Because temperatures are measured using a centigrade method, that means water freezes at 0°C and boils at 100°C. Just to see how big the difference is, 25°C is equal to 77°F. Another interesting fact is that at -40°, Celsius and Fahrenheit are equal!


By Marina Storm