Deep And Dark And Dangerous

By:Makayla Prince T12 5/3/16

About the Book

This book is written by Mary Downing Hahn. The genre mysterious and horror. The genre could also be fiction because this story is made up.


Just before summer is about to start a girl named Ali finds an old and mysterious picture. She immediately recognizes 2 of the girls in the picture, one is her mom and the other is her aunt Dulcie. She has no idea who the other girl in the picture is. She asks her mom but she gets angry with her and tells her to never bring this up agiain. A couple weeks later her aunt calls her and wants to know if she would come to the old cottage where her and Ali's mom grew up. Ali's mom does not want her to go at first but Ali beggs and her mom finally agrees. During this trip Ali discovers many secrets..who was the 3rd girl in the picture? Read the book to find out!

Tone and Theme


The tone of this book would be mysterious because throughout the entire book, Ali, Dulcie,and Emma always have something going on and something always happens and you are always on the endge of your seat and want to keep reading to figure out what is going to happen next.


The theme would have to be to believe what little kids say to you, even if it sounds crazy. I say this because Emily is a little girl and she is constantly saying things that sound impossible and no one ever believes her. At the end, all the characters find out she was telling the truth all along and they know they should hve trusted her.

Question I would ask to Dulcie..

Why did you get so mad whenever Ali would ask about the picture? Why didnt you just tell the truth in the beginning? I want this answered because she would always get so angry when Ali would ask about the mysterious photo. I do not get why she didnt just tell Ali the truth in the beginning, it would have saved her a lot of grief.

Reference to foil characters

I think the author put a little sweet girl like Emily in a book like an evil little girl like Sissy because it just shows how the meaness and all the rude and stupid things that Sissy did, rubbed off on Emily. For example Sissy knew that Emily couldnt swim but she dared her to jump in the lake anyway, of course Emily wanted to impress Sissy so she jumoed even though she can't swim. Sissy had a bih influence on Emily, she changed her attitude in some parts of the book dramatically.