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We strive to enlighten educators aspiring to effectively use technology in the classroom.
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Volume 2, Issue 4 (17-18)

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The SAMR Swimming Pool

Think about the different ways you are using technology in your classroom. Maybe you are using Google Docs to Substitute writing for typing, using Schoology to have students participate in a discussion board for Augmentation, or using Seesaw to Modify how students in centers can record their thinking and show understanding of a book or math problem, or even having students use greenscreen or stop-motion animation as a Redefinition assignment to understand a science or social studies topic.

We know that technology can be used in various ways in the classroom, and the Ed Tech team can support you dipping your toe into the pool, or even doing cannonballs in the deep end. Reach out to us to support your integration of technology with professional learning geared towards your building, grade level, content or classroom needs.

We would love to hear about how you are integrating technology in the classroom. Contact us at to share your successes and challenges.

Ten Things to Do Before Break (That Aren't Movies)

Are you looking for fun, creative activities to do with your students in the lead-up to winter break? Education blogger John Spencer has a few ideas, and will even provide the resources you need to give your students a memorable experience to close out the first half of the school year. Read all about it here!

Happy Holidays from Your Friends at Ed Tech!

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