What is Wimax?

what does wimax do?

what is wimax technology?

Wimax tecnology which stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Accessunites the technologies of wireless and broadband to provide high-speed internet access across long distances. The name was christened by WiMAX Forum that promotes interoperability and conformity of the standard. The forum defines the technology as "a standards-based technology enabling the delivery of last mile wireless broadband access as an alternative to cable and DSL". With the guarantee of WiMAX Forum the vendors are authorized to sell their WiMAX certified products so they can enjoy operability with other products of same type. It is a telecommunication protocol capable of providing internet access to fixed and mobile users. For an outstanding performance like Wi-Fi networks along with QOS (Quality of Service) and coverage this Wireless Broadband Access (BAS) technology is assembled around IP (internet protocol). Currently it offers 40 Mbit/s but expected to offer 1 Gbit/s speed for fixed users.

Who would use wimax technology?

anyone in the area could use wimax technology because it provides high speed access across long distnces, this means that you wont have to go to your nearest hotspot to get the internet you needone example of this is if you are driving to a destination that you dont know, and you have been looking for it for a while, you can type it into your phone and then you will get the directions up onto your screen becayse the phone has sent a signal to the wimax tower and the directions will appear like a stanav to help you find your destination.Another example of this is if you want go on the interent on your lunch break and you havent got a lot of time to load everything up, you can easily just click on wimax and it will speed the internet up and you can acsess your emails and personal things easily.