Atomic Number: 28

Recommended Daily Amount

  • 500 mcg. is a safe daily intake
  • Average dietary intake is about 200-750 mcg.

Foods Containing Nickel

Nickel Helping Our Bodies

Nickel is a trace element that:
  • Influences the amount of iron our bodies absorb from foods

  • Preventing iron-poor blood

  • Helps treat weak bones in very small amounts

  • Can help to make red blood cells

Too Much Nickel

Many people are allergic to nickel-

  • Nickel Allergy : A rash that becomes itchy and may form watery blisters. Once a person gets nickel allergy, it remains with him or her forever.
  • The most common disease experienced by people who come into contact with nickel is a skin rash called contact dermatitis
  • Most common cause of nickel allergy is from body piercings:

-Inexpensive jewelry is frequently made of stainless steel

-Stainless steel contains nickel

  • Consuming high amounts of nickel in your diet can also cause these skin problems

Nickel Allergy Signs & Symptoms:

  • Skin rashes & bumps

  • Itching

  • Redness or changes in skin color

  • Dry patches of skin that may resemble a burn

  • Blisters

Too Little Nickel

  • Nickel deficiency is not common in people
  • Can be common in animals
  • Get the minimum amount found in food and water
  • Can cause anemia

Nickel Supplements

Nickel does not have any supplements-

  • Our bodies do not need more than what we consume in our daily diets
  • We consume just the right amount of nickel to help our bodies from our every day food & water
  • Consuming to much nickel can cause issues with our health
  • We do not need supplements to increase the nickel content in our bodies
  • Therefore nickel is not found in a multivitamin either


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