Life in The New England Colonies

By: Cally


  • You could come to Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.
  • The reason people made new settlements was because they wanted religious freedom.
  • Boston, Massachusetts is a popular place to settle because it was a good place for trading.
  • Settlers started settling on Native American land then wars broke out to settle who had the land.
  • The first colony was the Plymouth Colony.

Life in The New England Colonies

  • A child's life had to do with chores, school, learning bible verses, and playing games like marbles.
  • A women's life was doing housework, cooking, making clothes, and caring for their family.
  • Life was very religious back then.
  • A man's life was teaching, farming, hunting, guarding the town, getting supplies, and raising animals.
  • It is cold there but that probably means you won't have really hot summers.
  • Some of the jobs you could do were farming, trading, fishing, or being a blacksmith.


  • The free market trading system was a big part of the economy . It means people were free to choose the goods and services they buy and make.
  • Selling lumber was part of the economy.
  • Fishing.
  • Trading.
  • Being a blacksmith.
  • And farming.

Some Fun Facts

  • Women and girls wore garters, stockings, petticoats, waistcoat, a hat called coif, shoes, and an apron.
  • Men and boys wore dresses till 6 or 7, then they wore breeches, stockings, and a doublet.