Where I Stand

on the issues of Markham


In this flyer i will be explaining some of the issues which Markham needs to change. The 3 issues i am focusing on are Public transit, Road maintenance and recycling.

16th avenues blues

16th avenue is becoming a very busy street because of the rise in population, i think that we need to add another lane to 16th avenue so cars will not be as congested as they are now.

Public transit systems need to be more avalable

Markhams public transit system has not been suitable for this area for many reasons. First of all, there should be a bus schedule at almost every stop so people are aware of what time buses are coming and there should also be more than 2 buses per route. By adding more buses per route the buses will be less crowded and there will be less wait time


I think recycling is an important part of the growth and development of Markham. With more people coming into this community we need to make sure that they are recycling products that should be recycled so we can help protect the environment. There should be more recycling bins around Markham so it will be less of a inconvenience to recycle instead of littering