Indian Dance

Victoria M., Rebecca C., Ximena B., Josie E.

What is Indian Dance?

Much like that of any country, India began dancing as a pastime and form of entertainment. The styles of dance from India very from the cities and can change simply due to the dancer. Evolving throughout the years, Indian dance now incorporates some western- style dance moves. The dances originally had more religious meaning than that of nowadays.


Indian dance has existed for centuries, and is rich part of India’s history and culture. India is a land of diversities. Various climatic conditions have made India a diverse country. Indian dancers are broadly divided into Classical dances and folk dances. Classical dances in India are mostly spiritual in content. Though the folk dances of India are also spiritual and religious in content but the main force behind the folk dances of India are the celebratory mood. Another form of Indian dance would be Bollywood it’s more of the modern era of Indian dance. Influences of Indian Dance have been influenced by several factors; the native Classic dance pattern changes with the coming of the Muslims.


  • Stylized movement of the body

  • Doesn’t use the body’s natural movements.

  • Bharata Natyam, a classical dance, is known for its grace-like and pure movements.

  • Bollywood dancing is more modern, and includes belly-dancing and more playful or romantic movements. It has found its way into the American culture.