All About Me

By Liam

My Family

I live with my mom and dad I have one sister and no brothers I have 2 dogs ones a boy and ones a girl.My dogs names are Hero and Izzy and my parents name's are Joseph and Brooke and my sisters name is Presley.And I'm nine,sister 1,mom 36,and dad 46.

Important Memory

My important memory is when I went to my grandma Kay's house and we would play baseball.And I would be bating and I would hit really far.And every time we lost it in a tree very tall tree.Than we waited till it fell out.Than the game went back in than we got it on a roof alot to.And that's about it


My goal is to go to college and learn how to become a proper youtuber.And learn how to edit video's.So I'm a youtuber now but I don't know how to edit.


I'm intrested in video game's. I play them all day every day.So I know alot about computer's.And I even help my grandma and mom to.