Stick Dog Wants a Hot Dog

by:Tom Watson

Publacation date and publacation

Stick Dog was published by Harper and the publacation date was in 2013 I don`t know when but I know Stick dog was printed in New York.


Stick Dog was a funny book so Stick Dog is humoris fiction.

Main caracters

The caracters in the story are Mutt,PooPoo,Karen,Strips and Stick Dog.


The dog`s where curius of thinking of a plan and scared of the racoons stelling the hot dogs.

Athers Pupruse

The athers purpuse is to make people laph and have fun reading the book

plot sumory

First, Stick Dog and his gang where hungry next, the gang fallowed there smell and then found a hot dog stand then Stick Dog came up of a planand tride to stell the hot dogs and then stoll them and now there happy and hunger free.


Trying to race the racoons to the hoy dogs


Came up of a plan and won to get the hot dogs