Come To The Breadbasket Colonies!!!

By Colonist Monneh Sherman

The Middle Colonies Are the Best Place To Be!

The Middle Colonies is the best set of colonies there ever will be. We have amazing geography like navigable rivers, rich soil, and long growing season. Because of this, our economy has LOTS of farmers and shipbuilders as well!

Don't Go Anywhere Else!

If you dare go to the other colonies, you'll be freezing cold in the New England Colonies, and if you go down to the southern colonies, you'll boil up! Those New England Colonies can barely even grow anything with the weather they're having! People down in the Southern Colonies barely take breaks! If you stay in the Middle Colonies, you can be sure you won't freeze, boil, go out of work, or get tired of it. We're not able to directly punish you for going, but you'll be punishing yourself by not coming.