October Faculty Meeting


Faculty Focus Issue 3

Hello everyone! Before we get into the content of the October Faculty Meeting, we'd like to re-direct your attention to the Bryant & Stratton College Faculty Focus, Issue 3. While this was emailed out in late September, we wanted to make sure that you all had a chance to read it. Please click here to access the PDF document.

Incomplete Request Process Change

In August of this year, the Systems Office of Bryant & Stratton College updated the Grade Interpretation Policy. Please click here to read through the policy, paying special attention to Part 3: I – Incomplete, on page 2.

To recap the incomplete section of the Policy, when a student requests an incomplete, or an instructor feels a student is deserving of an incomplete grade, the Instructor must forward the Incomplete Request form to the student, first, prior to the last day of class.

This form is located in Blackboard in the Faculty Information Center, but can also be found here. The instructor then submits the form with the Outline of Required Work and Due Dates completed, via email, with any supporting documentation (provided by the student) for his/her Program Manager’s approval.

The Program Manager will communicate back to the instructor sharing the approval or denial of the incomplete grade request and associated reasoning. At this point, if the incomplete is approved, the instructor will enter an “I” as the final grade for the session.

If approved, the student receives up to and not more than four weeks after the last day of class to complete the course work. The due date must be clearly identified on the Incomplete Request Form as well as to the student, via an email from the instructor.

Granting an incomplete is not a black and white area, but depends upon specific circumstances for each student. While it is to be a fair and equitable process, instructors must consider the circumstances that have led up to a student asking for/or needing an incomplete.

**It is important to note that an incomplete can only be granted if a student has been successfully completing work in the class, prior to the request for the incomplete.

Once the incomplete due date has passed, the instructor will need to review and grade the new assignments and then submit a Grade Change Form to their Program Manager, so that the student’s grade can be updated in Banner, by the Registrar.

If the student does not complete any/all work by the due date, the instructor must still fill out a Grade Change Form, with the updated grade, so that the “I” is removed and the final grade is what the student has earned.

Along with the updated incomplete process, Bryant & Stratton also has a Grade Change process, which we will discuss further, below.