Much More Than Just Fun & Games

CAMP Pretty & Poised is packed with Life Lessons too!

"I don't care what you say to me. I care what you share with me.” -SANTOSH KALWAR

That could be the "theme song" of the girls in CAMP Pretty & Poised.

The girls don't want to talk about a bunch of theories and abstract ideas. They want to experience life. And beauty. And friendship.

CAMP Pretty & Poised gives them that opportunity. And more.

Together we share fun and games, and even a few life lessons. Here's a 7-second video of just one of the new skills your daughter will bring home from CAMP:
In the workshop, your daughter won't debate how to fold t-shirts. She won't discuss the finer details of how "filing" tops to make finding the exact one she wants a sure bet. Every time. And she definitely won't get a lecture on how folding and filing her shirts will make her your favorite child!

None of that is needed.

Instead, your daughter will experience a new way to fold shirts. She'll discover how delightful it is to arrange them by color or style. And it's very likely, she'll come home and rearrange your family's shirt drawers. It's happened. I get emails and photos from overjoyed moms and dads every year. (I really debated showing this video. It seems like it needs a "spoiler alert." Please promise me you'll act astonished and delighted when you are surprised by rearranged drawers!)

“Certain things in life simply have to be experienced --and never explained.” -PAULO COELHO

Registration opens tomorrow for CAMP Pretty & Poised.

I hope your daughter will share in the fun, the games, and, yes, the life lessons we'll experience together starting February 12th and 14th.

Watch your email for registration information.