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Helping Others Read

Jamilyn Larson, a graduate student in social work, recognized the need for bilingual books in local agencies, which would provide a means for children and their parents to read together. From there, a wonderful service-learning project was born. Andrew Vorder Bruegge, assistant dean in the College of Visual and Performing Arts, brought together a team of faculty from around campus who had various experiences in the field of children’s literature. These faculty members, called the Winthrop Publishing Group, met several times to brainstorm ideas, look at concept books and design the project to involve undergraduates at every phase.

Beginning in the summer of 2016, students in Assistant Professor Bettie Parsons Barger’s children’s literature course, READ 290, wrote and illustrated their own picture books. Four students decided to donate their books to the bilingual project. Then, undergraduates in Instructor Victoria Uricoechea’s Spanish 102 course translated these early readers into Spanish. Next, students in Associate Professor Dave Brown’s illustration course, VCOM 423, painted the illustrations for the text and designed the layout for each newly illustrated book. Finally, students in Professor Laura Gardner’s ARTE 528, Foundations for Art Education, bound the books that were shared with focus groups in local schools like Ebinport Elementary. Altogether, more than 25 Winthrop students worked together to publish these four bilingual early readers.

Thanks to the support from various organizations, including the Arts Council of York County Small Grants Program, the John and Susan Bennett Memorial Arts Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina, and the South Carolina Arts Commission that receives funding from the National Endowments for the Arts, copies of the books were published and distributed to local agencies. The Winthrop Publishing Group has plans to continue publishing bilingual books, involving more students in the process and resulting in more bilingual literature available for local schools.


Teacher Education Induction

Teacher Education Induction was held at Winthrop University on Nov. 6, 2016. This ceremony marks a student's official acceptance into the teacher education program. Our candidates must meet rigorous requirements. It is the next step on the way to being a professional educator. It is also the moment when they receive the infamous BAG!

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PESH Faculty Member Receives Award

Shelley Hamill, professor in the Physical Education, Sport and Human Performance (PESH) department, recently received the Honor award given by South Carolina Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (SCAHPERD). Recipients represent role models for students, clients and/or professionals of the Alliance. Hamill has been a member of SCAHPERD for 18 years and has served in multiple leadership roles, including but not limited to, the chair of the South Carolina Health Education Standards Writing Team, president of SCAAHE, and president of SCAHPERD.


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The College of Education faculty and staff had a great time at the 2016 Homecoming and Reunion Weekend! We staked out our space right next to the main tent, loaded up our candy koozies and buckled down for the day. We hung out with old friends, made some new ones and likely had too much sugar. Thanks to everyone who came by to say hello. To those who did not make it, we hope to catch up with you next year.


Third Annual Inclusion Conference

TheThird Annual Inclusion Conference, sponsored by the Winthrop University Council for Exceptional Children, was held on Nov. 5. Deb Leach began the conference with “Inclusion: Our Grit Journey,” and keynote speakers included various individuals with disabilities across the lifespan who shared their successful journeys. Sessions included: Special Needs Planning 101: Securing Your Child’s Future, Instilling Resilience in Children of Low Socio-Economical Status and Perspectives from Think College Students on Inclusive Practices at the Collegiate Level.

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Community Collaboration

The York County Boys & Girls Teen Center and College of Education graduate students enjoy a unique relationship. Since fall 2015, students taking EDUC 601: Psychology Applied to Teaching, a Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) course, have been doing field placements at the Boys & Girls Center. M.A.T. graduate students are earning their initial teaching license. These non-traditional students often have work obligations during the day that make it difficult for them to be in schools. Professor Carol Marchel developed this unique partnership to allow M.A.T. students to get critical early field experiences at night.

The Rock Hill Boys & Girls Teens Center agreed to be the field site for EDUC 601 students. Winthrop M.A.T. students spent every other class at the site. The M.A.T. students design and deliver more than 80 high-caliber enrichment activities during their visits. While M.A.T. students gain valuable classroom experience, they are also collecting observation data for course assignments. M.A.T. students also implement pilot activities at the center that are used in a research project in their disciplines. The highlight of the course is a specially-designed Winthrop campus visit for the teens. The teens experience science labs, art studio classes, library scavenger hunts, musical rehearsals and more. M.A.T. students serve as campus guides and tailor on-campus activities based on the teens’ interests and career goals. Due to the success of this field redesign, both Boys & Girls Club staff and Winthrop faculty plan continued collaboration for years to come.



Dual Enrollment at Winthrop

Winthrop University is excited to announce that starting in fall 2017, we will offer dual enrollment course opportunities for high school juniors and seniors on Winthrop’s campus (or online) with Winthrop faculty teaching! Eligible students must have a 3.0 or better GPA and a 1050 combined SAT or 22 ACT score.

So, why take dual enrollment courses at Winthrop? Besides access to top faculty members and courses, dual enrollment students have access to Winthrop resources, such as tutoring, the library, the wellness center and athletic events. There are many benefits to taking dual enrollment courses such as becoming academically prepared for college before entering full-time, earning transferable college credits with significant cost savings and having a more productive high school experience.

The range of courses are offered at various times in the spring and fall semesters with many opportunities at 8 a.m. and/or after 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Some of the courses offered include:

· ANTH 201: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

· ARTS 120: Drawing I

· BIOL 150: Elements of Living Systems

· CHEM 105: General Chemistry

· ENGL 200: Literary Topics and Trends – Harry Potter

· FREN 101: Elementary French I/ FREN 201: Intermediate French I

· MATH 301: Calculus III

· NUTR 221: Human Nutrition

· PSYC 101: General Psychology

· SPAN 101: Elementary Spanish I/ SPAN 201: Intermediate Spanish

· THRA 120: Acting I

· WRIT 101: Composition

The best way to learn more about Winthrop University’s dual enrollment program is to visit the website at Go to this website to apply online, get approval online and pay your bill online. Looking forward to seeing you at Winthrop!