by Annabelle 3A

The goanna is a native Australian reptile.

Its scientific name is Varanus varius. They are sometimes called lace monitors. Monitor means to warn people.

Goannas are 2 metres long and weigh 14 kilograms. They are brown/green and they have scales. Their tail is almost twice as long as its body.

They live in forests, woodlands and in Cooktown (Queensland). They also live in Victoria and in red gum forests in South Australia.

They eat birds, bird’s eggs, small mammals, insects, fish and spiders.

They lay their eggs in hollow logs and they lay between 4 to12 eggs.

Their predators and dangers are dingos, dogs, birds, pigs and pythons.

They are the second largest lizard in the world.

Goannas are not eaten any more by the Aboriginal people. They have lost a lot of food and habitat through people cutting down trees and building houses on top of the goanna's old home.

Goannas need a safe place to live so humans need to stop destroying their environment.