5th Grade News Letter


End of Week 2

Hooray! You have made it through two weeks at Mercury Online! I hope you are starting to adjust. The first two weeks you have learned so much about navigating the system. You will not be penalized for any assignments that are not turned in yet. Starting in week 3, you will be penalized late points if you do not turn in all you work by the end of the week. You can always turn in work after the due date, better late than never :)


I know you are all so excited to start Paragon. Your kits should all arrive by Monday, August 27th. If you do not receive them by this date please email me and I will check on them. As you submit pictures of your projects, please include pictures of yourself holding or standing by your work. We will be showcasing student work at our first online Paragon Night next month.


Class times are Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's at 2pm for California and Arizona students and 3pm for Colorado students.


I am so excited that we are offering clubs this year at MOA. Please email Mrs. Zayas with your choice for a club: Art Club, Book Club, or Environmental Club.