The War Of 1812

By: Books Burgess

What caused the war?

The main and immediate cause of the war was the British practice of impressment, in which they would take U.S. soldiers from ships and make them work for the British Navy this was seen as slavery in which the U.S passed the Embargo act and all that did was hurt the U.S. economy, Another reason was both countries trying to expand (America to Canada) (Canada to the U.S.)

Special on: Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson's significance in the war of 1812 was he faced opposition from merchants and public officials in New England especially for the embargo act passed he then after continued with his aggressive trade issues.

Effects of the war of 1812

After the war almost nothing changed the U.S. didn't get more land and the British didn't get more land either also the fear of natives vanished for the U.S. But our economy did have a change or two to if we had debt before the war of 1812 and this war just added more to it.