Montevideo, Uruguay

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Montevideo - Uruguay (HD)

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Uruguay tiene frontera con Brasil al norte y Argentina al oeste. La frontera con Argentina es el Rio Uruguay y la frontera con Brasil es el Rio Yaguaron. El oceano Atlantico está al sur y este.


One week at Montevideo (2 for flight, 5 for travel)

1. Fly to Montevideo

2. Go to hotel, dinner at restaurant

3. Walking at Plaza de Independencia and Teatro Solis

4. Walk around Rambla de Montevideo and enjoy time at the beach

5. Go to Mercado de la Abundancia and dance in the evening

6. Go to a mall or shops to buy gifts for friends and family

7. Fly back home

Persona Famosa- China Zorrilla

China Zorrilla was born on March 14, 1922 in Montevideo, Uruguay, and died on September 17, 2014. She is a famous actress, director, and writer, and she won many awards for her films and acting. In 2008 the French Government awarded Zorrilla with the Legion of Honor. Zorrilla is often regarded as the Grand Dame of the South American theater stage.
"Sueños" - Cortometraje de Fabio Posca y China Zorrilla - (

El Tiempo-Weather

La Maleta

Yo empaqué...

  1. Camisas
  2. Vestidos por restaurantes
  3. los pantalones cortos
  4. los jeans y polainas
  5. una chaqueta
  6. los zapados
  7. ropa interior
  8. teléfono
  9. cargador para mi teléfono
  10. lavado de cara
  11. las lentillas
  12. la gafa
  13. sombrero
  14. el protector solar para la playa
  15. traje de baño para nadar
  16. cartera para pagar cosas


Smart Hotel en Andes 1240 , Montevideo, URU

Duración de la vista fue 5 días por 2 personas.

Amenities: minibar, amenidades de baño, el gimnasio, vajilla para dos personas, caja de seguridad, buffet

Precio: 533.20 dólares (USD) o 16881.11 (UYU) por 5 noches


Teatro Solis

Teatro Solis is the oldest theatre in Montevideo where some performances and plays still take place. Tourists can take a tour inside the theatre house and visit the gift shop as well for souvenirs. It costs $20 for a tour, but on Wednesday, the entrance fee is free.

Plaza Independencia

Plaza Independencia is a central place that represents Uruguay's freedom. Jose Artigas, Uruguay's hero, has a marvelous statue at the center of the plaza as well as an underground mausoleum where his remains are buried. Guards stay posted inside.

The administration is free. Palacio Salvo stands at the plaza and was once the tallest building in South America. Puerta de la Ciudadela also remains in the plaza and is the last original gate left from the old citadel of Montevideo.

Rambla de Montevideo

Many people come down to enjoy jogging and soaking up the sun. There's a beach, and it borders many of the city's sites. No administration fee is needed.

Actividades Divertidas

1. Pinocho Play in Teatro Solis: The cost is $250 to watch, and the play is in Teatro Solis.

2. Mercado de la Abundancia: There are tango and opportunities for food at restaurants around. On Sunday evenings, a concert is provided, but non-members must pay $120. Classes for tango are also provided.

La Comida


Chivitos are the national dish of Uruguay and a culinary pride for them. It's eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The sandwich contains many foods: bun, tomatoes, lettuce, fried egg, beef filet, bacon, fried ham, onions, mayonnaise, and more.


Alfajores are made of condensed milk and caramel slathered between sweets like cake and cookies. There are many varieties of this sweet dessert such as coconut topped and even Oreo


La Cocina de Pedro:

Sandwiches En Pan Ciabatta: Pollo, Palta, Verdes, Tomate y Aderezo de Mostaza con Papas Fritas

Cibatta bread with chicken, avocados, greens, tomatoes, mustard along with french fries


Cost: Approximately $6 in USD or approximately 190 Uruguayan pesos

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