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projects assigned and completed in the Aquin classrooms

congratulations jane!

holocaust survivor narratives by mr. gabel's history class

Juniors in Mr. Gabel's history class were given a holocaust survivor's ID card and a bit of research. They then were assigned to create a digital story to depict the progression of the German persecution and execution of the Jews. The story was to be told as a narrative of their biography including their life before they went to Camp and conditions of the Camp where they were sent.

Click here to watch 1 of the video narratives.

Holocaust History Narrative 2015-1
Holocaust History Narrative 2015-2
Holocaust History Narrative 2015-3

'bulldog bytes tv' by mrs. brinkmeier's media class

Sophomores through seniors work on a broadcast piece for their segment of 'Bulldog Bytes TV'. They write, read and produce their portion of the show. If you've missed any of the previous broadcasts, you can view them on Aquin's Youtube channel here (or click on the icon on the bottom right corner of the Aquin website). If you want immediate notification of videos as they're posted on our channel, you can subscribe to our channel as well.
Bulldog Bytes TV . 11.9.15

thankful trees in mrs. diemer's art classes

Students in grades 1, 3 and 4 made 'thankful trees' for Thanksgiving. Students were asked to write at least 10 things they are thankful for on the leaves of their trees. Pictured here are the 3rd grade girls (yes, all 4 of them), with their class 'thankful forest'.

For more photos of Aquin art at both campuses, click here. The high school display cases are full again, so photos of those creations will be posted soon.