2015 Year in Review

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Companies that advertised the best in 2015

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Athletic wear, accessories, and equipment for all ages and genders. Used celebrity endorsement extremely well. Some examples were Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Rob Gronkowski, and many other fan favorites.
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A popular alcohol beverage company marketed for all who can legally drink. They really benefited from their popular puppy commercial because of it's strong emotional appeal to all viewers, even ones who do not drink.

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Coca Cola

Arguably one of the most classic and popular soda companies in the world. They always have had classic commercials. Their polar bear commercials are the ones that everyone remembers because of how long and cute they all are.

Best and worst products of 2015

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Best: Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Video gamers waited all year for the new Black Ops to come out. Call of Duty is one of the best if not the best, action game for video game consoles. This new game that was released last year is amazing; new guns, new maps, and even better graphics than before.
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Best: Beats by Dr. Dre, Wireless powerbeats 2

New Bluetooth, wireless, powerbeats. Not headphones, earbuds, that you wear and have a short cord in the back because they are wireless. These are amazing because you can set your phone somewhere else and listen. This means working out with no phone or cord to bother you.
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Worst: Hoverboard

The hoverboard is a self control balancing board that requires leaning in a certain direction in order to move. They got so popular, that so many other companies started copying them. This lead to bad quality hoverboards that led to accidents, bad battery life, and even a few fires.
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Worst: Apple watch

Apple announced their release in 2015, it was extremely hyped by everyone. Their cost ranges anywhere from $400-$700 and all they do is tell time and have apps just like everybody's iPhone they had already.

Top 2 Movies of 2015

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James Bond: Spectre

The final James Bond movie with Daniel Craig, action packed from the very start to the very end. Rated PG-13, critics say it was one of the best of all time, and I would have to agree.
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The long waited return of the Star Wars series. Rated PG-13, critics have a variety of opinions on it. Overall though, fans were happy and some even said it was the best Star Wars yet.

Top 2 Musical Artists of 2015

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After his release of "What a time to be alive" a collage album with drake, all of his songs, not only the ones on that album, really started to heat up and were among the top on ITunes for a long time.
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After his collage album with Future, and his diss track on meek mill, another rapper, his songs just blew up everywhere in the world. He sings, raps, and has great performances live. Drake and Future owned the music world of 2015.

Top 10 2015 (Songs)


1. Uptown Funk- Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson

2. Cheerleader- Omi

3. Take me to church- Hozier

4. Love me like you do - Ellie Goulding

5. See you again- Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth

2016 Goals

Personal Improvement: gain 15 pounds of muscle, start on varsity basketball, become more patient and positive

Family and Friends: Spend more time with my family, have some good adventures with friends, keep everyone happy

School and outside world: 3.5 or above gpa, get a job, buy a car