Robert E. Lee

General Of The Confederate

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Who Is Robert E. Lee

Early Life

Robert E. Lee born in Stratford Hall, Virginia, The son of Henry "Light Horse", a general who has been dishonored due to schemes that he participated in. Due to this, many people looked down upon him, even during the The Civil War. He later on in his life he started to go in to military engineering for twenty six years. He always looked at George Washington as a role model, it inspired him to become part of the military. He married George Washington's daughter Mary Anna Curtis, at first her family didn't want her to marry him due to his farther, but Robert E. Lee manage to show them that he was better then his farther
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Why Is He important to History?

He was important due to being The General Of The Confederate, but not only that, he was counted as the greatest General in U.S History. He was offered by Abraham Lincoln to join the Union and be The General of the Union because his Military Intelligence and his loyalty, but he refused and join the Confederate. Main reason he joined the Confederate is because he owes the land his loyalty. He was grouped up with the other General, such as "Stonewall" Jackson

The Aftermath

Soon after the death of "Stonewall" Jackson everything went down for the Confederate army. Many generals that fought with Robert E. Lee repelled repelled against his tactics or simply ignore him.It all went to Court House Appomattox, were Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant. This soon ended the Civil War.After the war ended Robert E. Lee became President of The Washington And Lee University.He lived on the years till he had a fatal heart attack in 1870 on campus.


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